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here are 433 million Arabs in the world today (2022). The largest nation is Egypt with 109 million, and the smallest is the 1 million Indian Ocean 4 island Comoros civilization. You will recall that the Finnic-Aryans from above the Arctic Circle who 18,000 years ago created the first Proto-Finnic-Sanskrit language used in the Rig Vedas, and then together with the Dravidians outside the Indus Valley on seven islands, the First Vedic Civilization known as both Atlantis and Eden, that then was destroyed 13,000 years ago in the Antarctic Cold Reversal Climate Change massive flood, was where Noah and the first Jewish tribe evolved, according to Aristotle and Plato. 

You will future recall that Noah and his entourage fled to Aethiopia, where the original African Civilization had 60,000 years ago produced the first Black Homo Sapiens 60,000 years ago, which had only partially migrated North to become the Aryans Noble tribe 52,000 years ago above the Arctic Circle. East cresting the Dravidian trading tribe in the Indus Valley 58,000 years ago.

You will also recall how Aethiopian, after part of their fellow Homo Sapiens had departed, had engaged in mining 30,000 years ago, and expanded West in Africa, giving the name Aethiopian Ocean used still 250 years ago, for what today is known as the Atlantic Ocean, named after the Atlas North Star, by the Greeks, like also Atlantis was named by the Greeks who had learned about it from the Finnic-Aryans who had adored and celebrated it above the Arctic Circle, making it a part of their holy good fortune hooked crosses symbol still used in India today.

What Greeks called Atlantis, the Koran calls “Eden civilization in India,” and Jews called Eden Paradise.

When historical Noah arrived in Aethiopia with his three sons Shem, Japheth, and his youngest son Ham 13,000 years ago, after a detour to Anatolian Turkey, the Sahara had not yet expanded as much South,  as it would 3,000 years later, when the 24,000 years known Milankovich climate cycle, started the warming period turning the lush rainforest into the desert, until it will start turning back 2,000 years from now in 4,000 CE.

Shem, as the eldest, would be known as the root of the Semantic languages, mixing what he brought from Vedic with Aethiopian touch, to which Ethiopians, Jews, and Arabs all belong, including the Sudanese and Yemeni people who still have minor populations in modern Ethiopia.

Japeth would be the wisest educator of the three sons, from which later the Hellenic Greeks would evolve. This was proven in modern times when the genome of the Greeks showed to be the closest to Ethiopians and other Sub-Saharan people and not to other Mediterranean people as expected. 

By way of Phoenicians and Minoans, and Mycenaeans, the Greeks evolved from Aethiopians, also the true founders of the Pharaonic Nile Civilizations.

Ham would be the King of the Cush Empire, of which Moses would later be king. 

Ham’s son Canaan would be the founder of Canaan kingdom and Jericho, which then Joshua would conquer after Moses handed over leadership to him, and the Canaanites spawned many tribes, including the Levantine Arabic people. At the same time, the Berbers had already evolved from African Aethiopians earlier.

Thus the common sense conclusion is, in modern times of genome capabilities, to end the grouping of people by the pigmentation of their skin, which is solely a function of the grade of need to protect against harm by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and also the silly grouping according to religious beliefs, as they do indeed bring forth nuggets of history, but do not define as humans.

Aryans were black when arriving above the Arctic circle, and their invention of speech was a function of nutrients consumed, not anything to do with skin color.

Africans developed an advanced culture in Africa on their own before the mix of returning Aryans and Dravidians evolved into Jewish tribe, returned adding to the existing gene pool already strong there.

Aryans also in Basque region below the frozen north mixed with Grimaldian African there to become the “European” tribe there 18,000 years ago, and the JAEthiopian tribe, 13,000 years ago, would gradually mix with the European tribe as Hellenic and Latin.

Aethiopians had already earlier reached West Africa as Berbers and Andean South America, where Peruvian and Mexican cultures moving north created probably the Canadian Triquet island civilization 14,000 years ago. 

From Africa early to India and further to China and Mongolia around 43,000 years ago, did not leave Asia unpopulated. We don’t know how 14,500 – 13,000 years ago the Antarctic Cold Reversal impacted there. Still, we do know that a change-of-guard took place around 12,000 to 10,000 years ago, both there and in the Siberian part of Asia. One day, most likely, this change warrants why “the Noah flood” could be called a worldwide flood, even if no zoo onboard a boat with duplicate animals was more than descriptive. 

Also, if biblical timing was off by 8,000 years is not a surprise or complaint as if spoken language was only brought 18,000 years ago, and writing took another 6,000 to get exact years by keeping generational names in order at such time by rote chanting was no easy task.

We still don’t know today how big the universe is any more than what the Rig Vedas proclaimed 52,000 years ago, so who are we to criticize the creation theory more than the acceleration theory of the Big Bang? 

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