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LACK AETHIOPIA like it was called before, the Greeks, who originated themselves from Aethiopia, changed it to AFRICA (A-Phrica = Never Cold), was already a very advanced place… The “Holy” document of The Hebrew Bible – while its time estimations understandably may have been off by 7,000 years – but gives a very accurate roadmap for human civilization. The “Holy” document of Rig Vedas – with its astronomically accurate time calculations, dating its own origin to older than 26,000 years – combined with the Hebrew Bible – reveals how our Human History, written by British Victors of Wars – have been for 500 years, racially misleading us for its Colonial Empire purposes.

Aethiopia is where the First Nile Pharaonic Civilization originated, starting 13,000 years ago before the Green Lush area turned into a desert. We already know Black Sudan has more pyramids than the Tanned people, famous later in Pharaonic Egypt.

This was when the First Jewish Tribe as refugees arrived, which had themselves evolved 18,000 to 13,000 years ago, on The Seven Islands First Vedic Civilization, in the Arabian Sea, from 18,000 years ago arrived, Arctic Aryans Philosophers, originating 52,000 to 19,000 years ago, above the Arctic Circle in today’s Finland, and from the Dravidians Indian Traders, that had immigrated from Aethiopia 60,000 years ago, to India.

This First Vedic Civilization had been at the outlets of rivers Saraswati and Ghaggar  – with water sourced from Mount Kailash – that in the Koran is called “The Land of Eden in India”, and then was renamed Atlantis, by the Greeks, after the Atlas North Pole Star, as Greeks had also renamed The Aethiopian Ocean, to the Atlantic Ocean.

When this First Jewish tribe arrived there, after the Antarctic Cold Reversal Climate Change had resulted in a giant flood from melting snow up in the Himalayas, which had destroyed their civilization, the Aethiopian culture was already very advanced.

But it would now advance more and be known as the Kingdom of Kush, with Noah’s son Ham as it’s first King, whose son Canaan later would found Jericho. Son Shem would be the founder of all Semitic languages, of which Arabic is one, and Jaspeth, who had been in today’s Turkey and Georgia, with Noah, after the Ark, had most likely left Noah behind there, in Georgia where he enjoyed wine first time according to the Bible.

The Kush/Cush/Kwush Kingdom, was the main outpost from where West African Kwa (Kwush/Kush) culture was to be exported to the rest of the world.

American Historian & Linguist, Dr. Catherine Acholonu, born in Nigeria, wrote many books about the Igbo language and Ogam writing.

She confirmed the 13,000 years ago timing of Eden / Atlantis destruction, and the First Aethiopian Kush Kingdom civilization, adding that from there, migration to West Africa then took place from East Aethiopia, from where then there was further migration out, to become Greek Civilization that took place. 

The writing system called Ogam (= Ogham) or “Stick Writing” was used by explorers all over the world for thousands of years.

They left written pectographic inscriptions of their experiences in various parts of the world using this system, which has its most ancient origins in West Africa.

West Africa, has language links with North Africa because the direction of migrations from the Niger has been both northward and southward through the Ages.

For example the (Todays Morocco and Tunis) Berber etymology of ‘Barbarian’ is related to Igbo in the sense that (according to Herodotus) the word means ‘stranger’. Igbo word for “Stranger” is “Obiarabia.”

Igbo is the Mega-Kwa language from the Kushite mother-language. Kush is the major bearer of this civilization. AEthiopia was not just an East Africa location, but lay West too, as we explained earlier.

According to Homer, it was in Sunset AEthiopia that the Gods congregated, and the people were called “the Blameless AEthiopians in whose land the gods held banquets”.

“Igbo is in the family of Niger-Congo languages called Kwa by European linguists, which includes many Nigerian and West African languages like Ashanti, Akan, Yoruba and Benin (Edo).

Igbo, is the closest to the original mother of that language family. In fact the finding is

that in order to not let the Igbo know that it was their language that birthed the others, the linguists invented the word Kwa, which was originated from Akwa Nshi – ( Igbo for ‘First People’, also the local name of the Nigerian monoliths that represent First People on the planet).

This word was used also by the Egyptians to describe the West African, in fact Igbo-speaking, Sea People (Kwush, – Martin Bernal – Black Athena ) who brought civilization to the Aegean and the Levant during the Hyksos (which means ‘Kwush’) Exodus.

Kwush, also pronounced Kush means in Semitic and in Igbo ‘People of the Esh/Eshi’. Eshi are the so-called ‘Blameless Ethiopians’ of Homer. In Sumer and in Igbo, the word meant ‘Righteous/Sons of God/Descendants of the Adama (The Nag Hammadi Scriptures and the Torah). Adam was Adama before the Fall. After he fell he became Adam, word, which in Igbo means ‘I have Fallen’.

Today in Igbo land are still have the descendants of the Immortal First People.

They have never ceased to go by Adam’s original name – ‘Adama’. They are the Land Chiefs in Igbo land.” “Biblical Kush was named after the Ikwu EshiKwush. Ikwu Eshi literally means in Igbo – ‘Descendant/Lineage of the Eshi’.”

“The Sea People” were related to the Hebrews. They all spoke Semitic languages. They were the founders of Greece, Crete, Troy, and Rome. They were the Carians, Danaans, Acheans, and Myceneans, not excluding the Hittites.

The writing systems they gave to Crete and the early Middle East have been mostly found on the Igbo Ukwu excavated artifacts (The Lost Testament), while the surviving words from their period had many Igbo


Their exodus began in AEgypt And AEgypt, was an outpost of an originally West African civilization in the time of Osiris (10,000 BCE), whose Nigerian equivalent bore the Ogam scarifications on his face as his personal signature.

There have been found many hieroglyphs and pyramid symbols of Egypt on body adornments of ancient Nigerian gods and monuments. “gam” was a writing system, not a language.

Details are also given of Magan and Melubha, the most famous port cities of Sumer, before they were destroyed circa 2,000 BCE.

Ancient Africans had other writing forms, too. Egyptian hieroglyphics was not a language; it was a writing system that could only be read correctly and meaningfully if you knew the language. In this case, Igbo, the original Kwa.’

The conclusion above validates Aethiopia was the origin of Homo Sapiens and also the origin of the first civilization in Africa (after the 13,000 years ago return from Eden Atlantis)

Humans then from there traveled to “ancient Benin” in today’s Nigeria (not today’s country of Benin).

By translating the hitherto unknown pre-cuneiform inscriptions of the Sumerians, the layers of thousands of years of Africa’s lost pre-history have been brought to before their migration to the Middle East.

The identity is revealed of the West African villages, tribes, and clans that supplied the Pharaohs of Egypt, and African faces are placed on the African kings of Sumer’s Akkad, Ur, Uruk, Mesopotamia, and even the Indus Valley- all products of the original African home of the Sumerians.

Also validated is that the Sahara, the most extensive desert in the world, was where the people of the lost nation of Atlantis, which was destroyed in 11,000 BCE (13,000 years ago) in the Arabian Sea, escaped to.

Our roadmap is now clear also as to the route of Africans to Europe, from Aethiopia in the East to the West and first to the Basque region 20,000 years ago as Grimaldian African, then 12,000 years ago to become later the founders of Greece, Troy, Persia, and Rome.

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