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Want to become a writer for History of Yesterday?

We believe that everyone has the potential to become a writer despite not having the academic training or years of experience. This is why we give the chance of everyone to submit to our publication. Please find below the process through which you have to submit.

First of all we recommend to all writers that submit to have a look at some of the articles published to get a feeling for the type of content we are looking for as well as the format of our articles. We also highly recommend to have a look at our Editorial Guidelines to understand what is expected of you.

In order for us to assess your performance as a potential writer we will request a draft that is interesting and different from the topics that have already been published on our publication. The draft needs to follow all the rules presented in the Editorial Guidelines as well as the format presented in our publication.

Once we have received your draft our publisher and editorial team will assess the quality and get back to you with a response as soon as possible. No matter if you have become a writer or not, the editors will always give a response. Due to the high volume of submission you can expect a response in 10 working days. Please send the draft in a Microsoft Word Document.

Other information that must be provided:

– Name 

-Previous experience 

-Reason for wanting to become a writer

If your submission has been declined, please do not feel disappointed, we try to curate for the most suitable content. This does not mean you can’t submit in the future, you can always send drafts for review, but please do not spam and be patient for a response.

All submission must be sent to

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