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he golden langur is considered to be the oldest primate that is still in existence, but it is also the world’s most endangered species. So endangered that it has been doing everything possible to avoid contact with humans. Photographers have spent days on end scouting and hunting these ancient creatures to take some photos.

Found in the nearby slopes of the Black Mountains in Bhutan and a tiny area of Western Assam, India, it is quite a mystery why this primate species stays hidden from humans. The golden langur was originally brought to the notice of the western world by the naturalist Edward Pritchard Gee in the 1950s and has long been revered by many Himalayan people. Females and young males have lighter coats, whilst adult males have a cream to golden coat with darker flanks. It has a black face and a long tail that may reach a length of 50 cm (19.69 in).

It inhabits tall trees and consumes ripe and unripe fruits, mature and young leaves, seeds, buds, and flowers as its primary sources of nutrition. Eight people on average make up each group, with many ladies outnumbering each adult male. Not much is known about the species as biologists have not been able to analyze them more in-depth.

Many hidden cameras have been also set up around the places where these monkeys are known to visit quite a bit. One camera managed to record the first video of this amazing creature as it was trying to understand what is the technology that is capturing its face.

This video had been captured with the help of Joel Sartore who also happens to be the founder of the Photo Ark, a 25-year effort to photograph every species in human care around the globe. Explore the Photo Ark. He is one of the most prolific wildlife photographers in the world and this footage definitely proves it. His project named “Photo Ark” is very interesting as he plans to capture the image of every species on this planet and keep them in the Ark, just like Noah’s Ark.

The total population of mature adults has been estimated as 2,500 and it is constantly decreasing each day. This could be one of the reasons it hides from humanity, at least the most probable.

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