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took the assumption of quantum physics hypotheses to rediscover the subtle energies known to initiatory traditions and to be able to unravel the significance of the pyramid puzzles. So what are pyramids? Ancient sacred sites and subtle energy reservoirs. What is their purpose? Connecting to the energetic rhythms of cosmic consciousness.

The pyramid on the ocean floor

Some support the hypothesis of a transfer of techniques from extraterrestrial civilizations, from the physical cosmos, or from the angelic consciousness, and others argue that the transfer was not obtained by physical contact between different civilizations, but by spiritual journeys outside their physical body by initiations in Antiquity. So, the pyramids represent a meeting of the telluric energies with the subtle ones, a microcosm-macrocosm tuning. Certainly, very little information about the mysterious Japanese pyramids has reached the general public and even the world of scientists.

Although the discovery took place in 1986, while the representative of a tourism company was doing scuba diving, the existence of the Japanese pyramids was publicly certified in 1995, when thorough research had just begun, still unfinished. One of the causes for the long investigation is the location of the pyramids themselves: thirty meters under the waters off the island of Okinawa!

The first excavations were discouraging. But the summer of 1996 would bring “the great discovery”: a huge angular platform, seventy-two meters long, located in the center of a complex structure, consisting of wide and perfect “streets”, steps, pillars, huge stone blocks, “all united in an unprecedented architecture”, as Japanese archaeologists contemplated.

However, the main subject of the discovery was the establishment of the “age” of the pyramids. A few months after the first excavations, Professor Masaki Kimura, the head of the team of geologists, said that the pyramids are “thousands of years old”. Yet, the first signs of civilizations discovered so far in Japan date back to the Neolithic, respectively, about nine thousand years ago, and the people of those times lived as hunters. So there is no evidence of minimal knowledge of architecture.

A long period of silence

In the period immediately following the publication of the research’s main results, there was a long period of silence, which led an editor of the publication Ancient America ​​to remark in 1997:

“Now not a word about the discovery off the island of Okinawa more to the public… (…) Silence covers all recent data on the underground city except for a few images and its location on the seabed. Why?”

The images highlight the architectural complexity of the buildings. The rock is cut perfectly, geometrically; even altered by the erosion of time and water, the construction is impeccable.

Still, until the American editor receives an answer to his question, we should remember that the oldest pyramid in Egypt is that of Saqqara; it was built about five thousand years ago. The Japanese pyramids are at least twice as old as the Egyptian ones, which leads us to say: “history must be rewritten, history must be rethought.”

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