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ignificant figures that remain in history usually build their legacy before their death and not after. Strangely enough, Victor Noir became famous after his death and was made famous by some quite desperate women. Although Noir had made a great legacy as a french journalist during the 19th century, an era where words would literally get you killed, his true fame was brought by the strange powers of his grave. However, before we get into that, who was Victor Noir?

Victor Noir

Victor Noir par Appert (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Victor Noir was a French journalist from the nineteenth century. He was born in Paris, France, on July 29, 1848, and grew up there. Victor was recognized for his outspoken and contentious journalism, which frequently addressed subjects such as politics, corruption, and power abuse.

Victor’s literature was frequently critical of Napoleon III and his administration, which many French citizens saw as repressive and unjust. Victor’s publications frequently stirred public debate and, on occasion, indignation among the ruling class. Despite the hazards of his profession, Victor was devoted to utilizing his words to effect change and hold those in power accountable.

In 1870, Victor’s writing took a more personal turn when he wrote an article on a love affair between a close friend of his and the wife of a powerful politician.

The essay generated a sensation, and the politician, who was also a close ally of Napoleon III, challenged Victor to a fight. On January 10, 1870, Victor and the politician met for a duel, and Victor was shot and died on the spot.

Victor’s killing provoked worldwide indignation and became a symbol of resistance against Napoleon III’s tyrannical reign. Victor’s tomb, located in Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery, immediately became a popular pilgrimage site for visitors wishing to pay their respects to the deceased journalist.

Victor’s memory became entwined with the struggle for freedom and democracy in France in the years following his death, and he was honored as a martyr for the cause.

In the years since his death, Victor’s name has become synonymous with the fight against oppression and injustice. In the late nineteenth century, his mausoleum became a popular gathering site for individuals seeking to respect his legacy while also protesting France’s current political instability.

The strange power of this grave

Today, Noir’s grave become popular not due to his historical legacy, but because many women go to grind on it because they believe the grave makes them fertile.

Victor Noir’s body was transported from his village to Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris twenty years after his death, in 1891, following the foundation of the Third French Republic. Jules Dalou, a renowned French artist, was commissioned to create the bronze sculpture for Noir’s grave.

Dalou chose to show Victor Noir as he died, laying flat on the ground after being shot. For unknown reasons, he decided to give the sculpture a significant bulge under the belt, which sparked the construction of a rather weird tale that eventually turned Victor Noir’s tomb into a symbol of fertility and sexual satisfaction.

Developing into a fertility symbol It is thought that kissing the Victor Noir statue on the lips, rubbing the bulge in his trousers, and dropping a flower in his hat will bring her more fertility and wonderful sex life. To be more exact, if you want to find a lovely partner, kiss Noir’s lips; if you want to get pregnant, touch his right foot; and if you want to have twins, touch his left foot. A kid will be born soon after, and a single woman will find a husband within a year, according to the myth.

The statue itself is evidence that people take this idea seriously. Victor Noir’s lips, groin, and shoes are gleaming, while the rest of his body has an oxidized bronze-greenish tone. As a result, a fence was erected around Noir’s statue in 2004 with the warning sign: “Any damage caused by graffiti or indecent rubbing will be prosecuted.” However, this infuriated so many women that the fence was quickly demolished.

Women who became pregnant after visiting Victor Noir’s tomb now return to the cemetery to express their gratitude, placing photos of their children and other objects in the hat near the statue.

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