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ocial Media is a driving factor behind digital development. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fail to
surprise us. When an app after launch monopolizes the online platform, another new app will
emerge and take center stage of attraction. It’s been like a cycle, and it is how tiktok has
taken the internet by storm. Since its advent, social media marketers and brands have taken
the platform so seriously. A researcher, Emily Dreyfuss, said, “TikTok has become a source
of culture, a reinforcement of culture, and a cauldron where culture is created.”

The impact of TikTok is also quite undeniable. It has surpassed the downloads of popular
apps like Instagram and Facebook. As a result, gaining popularity on TikTok has become the
prime objective for many businesses. Yes, It’s a fact! Brands have included tiktok in their
social media strategies. For example, if you are a tiktok user willing to gain a great position
on the platform, you should try using Trollishly and reap the benefits.

Origin of TikTok

TikTok is a short video-sharing platform with breakneck growth over the past few years. So
where does it come from? Have you got any idea? Let’s check; Continue reading the article!
As per history, the tiktok app was born from two Chinese social media platforms. One is – a lip-syncing video app; the other is Douyin – a video-sharing app.
The original history that lies behind TikTok is simple one. In 2016, a Chinese company,
ByteDance, took over and launched Douyin – a version of Later, it
reformed into TikTok and tapped as a global platform. Since then, Tiktok has been the
seventh most-used social platform. In addition, it is the most common search query on

TikTok’s unique algorithm analyzes the user’s experience and preferences. Therefore, users
shall experience personalized feeds as per their preferences. For different users, the
suggestion feeds would also be other. Have you ever thought about how TikTok has become
so popular? What are the reasons behind it?

Reasons Why TikTok Has Become Popular

The main reason behind tiktok popularity is its short-form videos. As people shall easily
watch, like, and comment on tiktok videos. Moreover, it has user-friendly interfaces; for
example, the features are unique and attractive. The app is more integrated with AI, so more
filters are available. Even your face and body language would be changed with those
creative filters.

Another important reason to know is that the app is full of hashtags. The hashtags are
popular after the usage of the TikTok app. It is because the algorithm of Tiktok has also been working based on hashtag strategy. As hashtags are smaller words, the reach they drive would be much longer. So it is a double advantage for the users to boost their fame.

TikTok also helps to build your community. Tiktok is also a user-friendly platform where you
shall find like-minded people. It would be easy to connect with them and increase your
audience base. Furthermore, it would be easy to connect with the local community. If you
create localized content, you shall connect with the local community.

Apart from this, tiktok is authentic and has a loyal user base. Once the audience gets into
tiktok, then there is no way back. As the tiktok algorithm provides never-ending content for
the audience, then tiktok content is also quite popular. So there are high chances of getting
fame on the platform. Even you can buy tiktok likes, which shall uplift your presence. So
marketers try to leverage it wisely.

Upturn of TikTok

Celebrities Using TikTok

With the rise of tiktok, celebrities, and high-profile people are now leveraging tiktok. Once an
app for ordinary people, tiktok has become one for high-profile people too. One of the top
celebrities on TikTok would be Kylie Jenner, Jimmy Fallon, and Salena Gomez. In addition,
some people who use and Douyin have also become prime users of tiktok.

Small Business Expansion

Not only tiktok helps more prominent companies, but even small and medium-scale
businesses shall also use tiktok effectively. As per the study, on average, the tiktok audience
uses the platform for almost one hour daily. It shows a high chance for small businesses to
engage on the platform. Tiktok is now the first choice to capture the target audience’s

TikTok and the Future of Social Media

TikTok will always continue, and it’s high time to kickstart your journey on tiktok if you have
yet to be on the platform. You can expect more on tiktok in the upcoming future. Even with
AI, the app is loading with its great features. Although it has ranked as one of the topmost
platforms, the app is working on updates in its features. Still, exciting features are on the

Harness the Power of TikTok

You lose your most significant opportunity if you are still not a TikTok user! So try to log into
the platform and make the most of it. It’s now up to the users to utilize the platform entirely.
Consider using Trollishly to boost your online presence to make your company great on the
platform. For any marketing purposes, Tiktok is the recommendable platform for promotion.
The Bottom Line

Right from the beginning, the app has grown flourishingly. It has taken many twists and turns
to reach this position. The app has been banned in India for specific reasons but runs
successfully in many countries. So audience, be ready to grow your following organically.
You have to take time to understand the platform, and only then will you become a member
of the history of tiktok. Always try to keep up with the latest updates on Tiktok. Get rid of your
past flaws and skyrocket your growth with the great tiktok statistics. However, you need to
know the history. We hope the above article has discussed the past, rise, and fall of TikTok
in society.

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