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In 1905, young Frank Epperson of Oakland, California, stumbled upon what would become one of the world’s favorite frozen treats. One chilly evening, he mixed together some water, powdered soda, and a stick, then left it outside on his porch. The next morning, to his surprise, he discovered the mixture had frozen solid around the stick. He dubbed his accidental creation the “Eppsicle.”

Excited by his discovery, Frank shared his creation with friends and family, but he didn’t pursue it further then. It wasn’t until 18 years later, in 1923, that he decided to patent his invention. Originally named the “Eppsicle” after himself, he began producing the frozen treat in various flavors.

However, it was his children who popularized the treat’s now-iconic name. They affectionately referred to it as the “Popsicle,” and soon, that name became the norm. Frank officially adopted the name change, and since then, the term “Popsicle” has become synonymous with the beloved frozen treat enjoyed by millions worldwide.

From its humble beginnings on a cold porch in Oakland to its status as a household name, the Popsicle’s journey proves the power of accidental innovation and the enduring appeal of a simple, refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day.

As of now, every year, Americans devour hundreds of millions of Popsicles, enjoying a rainbow of flavors like grape, lemon, lime, banana, cherry, and raspberry. But the classic orange flavor has remained a fan favorite for years. Not just satisfied with one brand, many supermarkets and big names like Breyers, Dole, and Tropicana have jumped on the Popsicle bandwagon with their versions. So, whenever you indulge in a refreshing summer Popsicle, remember to tip your hat to Frank Epperson for starting it all.

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