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reaming of a futuristic world takes a lot of creativity and imagination, especially during the start of the 20th century where technological innovation wasn’t as present as it is today. Paul Amadeus Dienach’s book entitled “Chronicles From The Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach” based on Dienach’s personal journal was originally published in 1972 in Greek. In his journal, he had written in extreme detail about how he lived in the year 3906 when he ended up in a coma for a year.

The amount of specific detail within the book has made many people think that he had actually lived in some sort of spiritual way in 3906 or a far futuristic world based on the amount of detail given. Again, 1921 wasn’t all that interesting in the sense that there weren’t many things to inspire writers or stimulate their imagination.

The Sleeping Illness

Paul Amadeus Dienach (Source: Public Domain)

Paul Amadeus Dienach was born in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 1884. Since a young age he has always dreamed of being a teacher and that is why he had studied to become one. After finishing his studies he became a teacher of German and French language. He was in love with a woman who broke his heart for a rich man. After she got married he ended in depression which some say had affected his health.

In 1917 Dienach fell ill with a disease that came as mysteriously as it left named Encephalitis lethargica, or more commonly known as the sleeping illness. There was a small epidemic around Europe with this disease that was mainly present between 1916 and 1924. Those who caught the disease were sent in a coma for long periods of time. Those who were unlucky never woke up from the coma. Dienach started falling asleep spontaneously, sometimes for a few minutes, other times for days on end. When he woke up he would never remember what he had dreamed.

In 1921 his illness worsened when he fell asleep for a good year. During this time he was constantly monitored in a hospital in Zurich. When he woke up he found out that his mother had passed away and also that he had been diagnosed with tuberculosis which he most probably caught whilst being in the hospital. Once he got better he moved to Greece where he taught French.

In his class, he became good friends with a student named Georgios Papachatzis who later on followed to become an important person within the Greek government. In 1924 when wanted to return back to Switzerland he gave Papachatzis his own personal diary as a present. In this diary, he had written everything he had “dreamed” about during his year-long coma. Dienach’s only wish from Papachatzis was to never share the information inside the diary.

Paul Amadeus Dienach life from the future

Cover of Chronicles From The Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach (Source: GoodReads)

Papachatzis started to read the diary and also translate it from French to Greek. Within the 800 pages Dienach described how during his coma, his consciousness left his body and entered the body of a person from the year 3906. Throughout the diary, Dienach mentions that he is not a writer nor a man with a lot of imagination, and fine details.

Despite Dienach’s wish, Papachatzis had published the book in 1972 despite a big dispute as he was not the author. Dienach was not an author, poet, or professional writer. Rather, he was an ordinary man who kept a journal, never with the expectation that it would be published and never with the wish to become famous off a book. The book was welcomed with a lot of controversies as people say that the author (Dienach) tried to portray a novel as a true story.

Within the book, Dienach describes how he woke up in the year 3906 in the body of a man named Andreas Northam, who was in a hospital recovering after an accident. The accident happened with the collision of what Dienach describes as flying cars of the future. Andreas was amazed by the technology present in the hospital as well as the futuristic uniforms worn by medics. Despite all this, he did not understand the language the medics spoke, neither could he remember who he actually was.

What is more amazing is that Dienach consciousness in control of Andreas’ body had found out everything that happened since 1921. Based on his acknowledgment, the biggest issues within the 20th and 21st century are:

  • World Wars
  • Lack of respect toward nature
  • Suppression of violence
  • Excessive consumerism destroying the planet

There were years after our present time where the political and economic world was controlled by a new global order. Violence and poverty had extended around the world. Humanity had reached a point where it had overpopulated Earth and Mars was already colonized by thousands of people. The colony on Mars however only lived for 60 years as a catastrophic phenomenon killed all of them.

In 2309 almost the whole population of Europe is extinguished by a nuclear war. The survivors start to migrate to the South of Europe where they begin the process of repopulating the continent. At the beginning of the 24th century, a new global government is created that removes all the countries and continents and makes the whole population of Earth is part of a single nation, therefore bringing equality to humanity.

Dienach marked the year 2894 as a very important one where the rebirth of a spiritual force had been witnessed between Grece and Macedonia, in the Valley of Roses. This spiritual entity brought a new type of human that was very different from a physical perspective and which brought a new lifestyle to our society, one that is simpler and which made humanity happier.

In the year 3382, a man named Alex Volky brought a new meaning to the power of human consciousness through meditation. Humans unlocked the true power of their spirit and managed to do incredible things such as control the chemicals within their bodies that affected their emotions. There are plenty of other incredible things described within the book that has been acknowledged by Dienach.

What is interesting is that the history up to the year 3906 seems to follow the philosophy presented by Giambattista Vico (1668–1744) who describes that the journey of humanity through time is a never-ending cycle of ups and downs. Humanity is always faced with challenges that bring death and depression. Each time humanity has to rebalance its negative actions which bring such challenges with major changes. We as humanity are doomed to never reach a stable state of happiness despite technological advancements or spiritual enrichment.

For those that may be a bit skeptical about this, famous author Caroline Leavitt had also mentioned that she had lived the life of another person whilst being in a coma. Dreaming is still something that we do not know much about as it is linked to our consciousness. There may be a lot of things that we do not know about our own potential as human beings.

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