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hen it comes to an understanding of the human body, the CIA might beat the modern medical industry. Their years of ample research and experimentation on the human body have proven to be quite useful for special forces as well as CIA agents that work on the field.

Many declassified files that come to light show very simple, yet interesting techniques to improve the mental as well as physical status of one’s body in a matter of minutes.

The 90-page paper describes how CIA health professionals willingly participated in torture. The “Summary and Reflections” of an anonymous CIA Medical Services chief chronicles the decision-making process resulting in health experts signing off on and engaging in torture-inducing interrogation and detention procedures.

The document generates a chain reaction of self-justification and reduction of risks and harm to detainees.

55515: Method on Removing Pain

The most interesting part of the document is the “55515” method of releasing pain. In order to use this technique, you need to first of all clear out your mind of any thoughts and simply concentrate on the area where you feel pain. To be clear, this is a psychological effect that is made to negate any sort of pain, therefore it works against any sort of pain.

Close your eyes and visualize the body whilst focusing specifically on the area in pain. Once you are 100% focused, keep repeating the number 55515 until you feel relief from the pain.

The method actually comes from the Monroe Institute’s Gateway program, the ‘medicative program that the CIA used in their research in Project Stargate’. Pain is only a phycological perception, it is sort of an alarm sent from the brain to let you know that something is not right with your body, therefore any focus you can make your brain neglect any affects or better-said defects within the body that may be causing pain.

Resisting Torture

Based on various unofficial reports, this method has mostly been used by CIA agents to resist torture by enemies.

The memo mentions OMS techniques being in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) rules, but it fails to mention coordination between the APA, the CIA, and the Department of Defense in developing those policies. These policies were later abandoned.

The document also attempts to argue against accusations of violations of medical ethics by stating that OMS participation was voluntary, that its procedures were deemed “legal” at the time by the US Department of Justice, and that actionable intelligence was obtained and lives were saved.

This paper is a damning indictment of US torture techniques, as well as the crucial role of CIA OMS personnel in participating in and concealing torture. It demonstrates health professionals’ disrespect for basic ethical standards, such as the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Tokyo, which requires them to refrain from all forms of participation in torture or ill-treatment.

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