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orma Edwards died momentarily due to problems from early pregnancy, and what she witnessed on a tour of the afterlife is nothing short of incredible. During this life-after-death tour of paradise and what happens to us when we die, she was shown the Akashic records, the truth about fear and guilt, and even taken on a tour of her former lifetimes.

Based on a video on YouTube from the Channel, The Other Side NDE, Norma described a near-death experience she had when she was at the age of 26. During that time Norma was pregnant without knowing and due to some pregnancy issues she ended up having a dead fetus inside of her which clinically killed her, but medics were able to save her.

Despite the incident, Whilst Norma was clinically dead, her consciousness was still there.

“The graft indicates that I have I had friends who were nurses and I understood what Flatline meant and now I’m really really confused how could I be Flatline supposedly there but I have all my senses so when they pick up the paddles I can see the outline of electricity around those battles and again tell us I was thinking very clearly and very deeply the thought in my head was I’m not dead I don’t understand what’s going on here but if they apply that amount of electricity to my body they were probably accidentally killing me.”

Quote by Norma Edwards

The most interesting revelation lived by Norma during her death is seeing the past lives she had lived. One of her more recent previous lives was being a slave in the United States during the 18th century and picking up cotton in the fields along with her parents as a small child.

“The lifetime that really really stood out phenomenally for was to see me along with my parents who were slaves in the United States of America picking cotton. A child along with my parents we were in the fields became cotton and as a child I could hear the Hooves of the horse and I can also hear the crack of the whip as it hit the backs of those slaves who were not producing or working as swiftly as they could and again experienced tremendous fear knowing that when the mass of man got to me. As a child I could not keep up with my culture and the fear of feeling the whip on my back then the screen moved.”

Quote by Norma Edwards

“When it moved I was at the next life believe it or not I was the white slave owner on a horse carrying the Whip and doing exactly to the slaves that which I was so very much afraid of the album baffled me because I had never been introduced to reincarnation that was not part of my religious of bringing and so I was more than a little baffled how could I be at one point in time a black slave girl and that’s another point in in time and history I could have been uh the white slave master I saw the the scrolling came to an end.”

Quote by Norma Edwards

Once she had woken up from her near-death experience, her life changed altogether as she believed that life is “never-ending” due to the phenomenon of constant reincarnation.

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