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all consume popular brands of commodities without actually thinking of their origin, or at least thinking that the name on the label must be the name of the creator/inventor. I am here to tell you that this isn’t always the case. There are many lies in this world, but some are just astonishing.

Usually, a brand is supported by a personal character, in most cases the person who had invented the brand. Within a company, the creator implements his vision within the brand, therefore his vision is portrayed across every department and with every product sold.

150 years for the truth to come to light

I was so surprised to hear that one of the oldest brands in this world had a massive lie behind its brand, which makes the brand pretty much irrelevant. This is because it represents the character of Jack Daniels but a man thought to be named Nearis Green, who was in fact Jack Daniels’ slave, was the drink’s true inventor.

It was recently discovered that the famous spirit by the name of Jack Daniels, was not invented by himself. The story (lie) behind Jack Daniels was that the recipe was invented by a man named Dan Call and then had been perfected by Jack.

However, the original story and the true story is much different. According to a biography from 1976, Dan Call told Nearis Green to teach Jack everything he knew about making whiskey. Nearis Green actually worked in a distillery before becoming Jack’s slave. After Green helped Jack perfect the recipe, he opened his own distillery and took two of Green’s sons to work in his distillery as he thought they would have their father’s talent at distilling whisky.

Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

It is said that Phil Epps, who was the Vice President and managing director at Jack Daniels knew about this secret, but he did mention to the board of directors that the truth will eventually come to light and for that exact reason why it wasn’t a good decision to hide the truth from the public as it may lower the brand’s reputation on the market.

Right now Jack Daniels is trying to implement this truth into a new product line in order to attract new customers within the American domestic market. Some critics say that this truth can end up causing the company serious public relations issues if this news does reach an international level. However, due to how blind and careless 21st-century customers can be, it is not expected that the company will be affected by this truth that came to light.

Nevertheless, it is not about company performance, but a truth that has been hidden for over 150 years! By knowing this truth we can see our history with different eyes and not through the eyes certain leaders wish us to see it.

Just imagine how many more secrets are being hidden by big corporations that only have profit in mind and will lie about anything and everything to gain that profit.

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