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tarting from the idea that our natural satellite is really natural and not a UFO, as stated by some researchers, there are several hypotheses about how the Moon appeared, best friend of the Earth for 4.5 billion years. It is said that Ancient Greek astrologists identified the vitality of the Moon’s existence to Earth and nevertheless to our existence.

Our Second favorite planet

The Moon was formed after the impact of a giant asteroid. The hypothesis that seems closest to reality regarding the controversial genesis of the Moon, was stated by American researchers from the Southwest Research Institute in the state of Colorado. According studies, they concluded that the Earth’s natural satellite was born following a devastating collision between a large celestial body and our planet.

There are some indications of the impact, which show that the dimensions of the body that hit Earth were approximately similar to those of the planet Mars. Thus we can speak of a giant asteroid or even of a so-called vagabond planet in astronomical language. Following the impact, our planet did not disintegrate, but as a result of the extremely strong shock, enormous amounts of matter were released into space, which began to gravitate in an Earth orbit. (surrounding the Earth).

The celestial body which is said to have hit the Earth was actually a smaller planet with an iron crust by the name of Theia. It is said that Theia’s plane core had fissioned with our Earth’s core which sort of declined the disintegration phase of the Earth.

The collision of the Earth with a large celestial body (Theia) was told to be the event that actually created the Earth’s Moon. The event is said to have taken place, according to fairly accurate estimates by astrologists from NASA, about 4.5 billion years ago. After another billion years, the ring around the Earth would have been concentrated in a single mass, following repeated collisions between fragments, giving birth to the Moon as we know it today.

A plausible theory

The research started from the desire to explain an anomaly of the Moon in terms of a slight tilt of its orbit, which is no longer found on the satellites of other planets in our solar system. The computer simulation resulted in this disturbing discovery about the genesis of the Moon.

Note that the new theory explains exactly both the inclination and the orbit or dimensions of our natural satellite. Also, the samples brought from the Moon by the Apollo space missions partially confirm the hypothesis, by resembling the metallographic composition of the lunar soil with the internal structure of the Earth. The new theory brings again the danger of repeating such a catastrophic event, near the Earth, there is a series of asteroids with an irregular orbit that is a terrible threat to life.

Another 4 theories of the genesis of the Moon

1. The Moon and Earth were born from the same gas nebula that formed the solar system about six billion years ago.

2. Five billion years ago, the speed of the Earth’s rotation around its axis was so high that a piece detached from the incandescent planet, thus becoming a natural satellite.

3. A celestial body in an eccentric orbit around the Sun passed through the Earth’s gravitational field, being definitively captured by the force of attraction.

4. A celestial body the size of Mars hit Earth 4.5 billion years ago, following the impact being launched into space fragments of matter, which later came together in a single mass, the Moon.

It is true that we have the necessary technology to gain a “first-person” better understanding of our galaxy, however, I think that such research is a bit neglective as there are still many places and mysteries to be uncovered and understood here on our beloved Earth.

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