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ince Bruce Lee, the American film industry has released, almost as on a conveyor belt, films about various martial arts practitioners of all kinds. The famous ninja, the “people in black” who are attributed with almost supernatural powers, could not be missing from the gallery of fighters that Hollywood turned into urban legends.

Presented, most of the time, as completely unscrupulous assassins of the profession, they are considered to have caused the death, seemingly accidental and always inexplicable, of some characters uncomfortable for certain interest groups. If in feudal Japan the list of victims of “people in black” was quite long, in the last century they are attributed to quite a few “victims of caliber”, first of all even Bruce Lee. But there is also an author who gives the name of a victim made by the ninja: United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The official version of Roosevelt’s death

It is written in all the history books that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only American president who spent more than eight years (two terms) in the White House, died on the morning of April 12, 1945, in the garden of his residence, due to a stroke.

Franklin D. Roosevelt death was announced on the front page of the New York Times on 12th April 1945 (Source: The New York Times)

But there is also a voice that supports something completely different. Jan Udo Holey, a German author specializing in “conspiracy theory”, states in the second volume of the book Shocking Revelations of the Secret Organizations That Run the Planet that Roosevelt was actually killed by a ninja.

The source quoted by Jan Udo Holey (better known by the pseudonym Jan van Helsing) is a character who is 1968 and 1969 worked as a “Personal and Computer Specialist” at the “Air Command Strategy” in Tucson, Arizona, where he had access to information. classified as “Top Secret”. Strategic Air Command is the top forum of the U.S. Air Force.

Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the declaration of war against Japan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Holey (or, if you will, van Helsing) does not reveal the identity of his informant, whom he calls “Pit.” He was an extremely curious but also extremely capable character who, due to his fighting technique and his knowledge, was able to enter certain circles, about the existence of which the ordinary man does not even dream. Thus Pit was able to discover that Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not die as the history books teach us, but from a poisoned arrow with which a Japanese ninja struck him in the back of the head.

The name of that ninja was discovered, as was his home, and out of revenge for the crime committed against Roosevelt, the US government sent elite troops to Japan, who razed the village from the ground. Women and children, everything that moved, was killed, and the village in question was made one with the land. But that ninja was not among those killed, and the US government does not know this to this day. The individual lived to old age in Japan…

Although Jan van Helsing’s story is surprising, it is not as impossible as it seems at first sight, this being confirmed by other sources (books or various sites).

What would have been the reason?

Japan lost the war because America went to war. That’s right, the Japanese provoked the Americans with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt’s desire to go to war on the British side is too well known to be commented on. But the Americans had no desire for war at all and since Hitler avoided attacking the Americans, the only solution to squaring the circle was for the Japanese to attack. Through a harsh and completely inflexible policy, they were forced to do so. Moreover, the US Navy’s secret services had long read every Japanese telegram, as the Japanese naval code had long since been broken.

Pearl Harbor after the attack 7th of December 1941 (Source: Remembering Pearl Harbor)

In short, we recommend that you read The Secret of Pearl Harbor, a 1954 New York book written by Rear Admiral RA Theobald. In this book, it is stated that Roosevelt knowingly created the conditions for an event of the magnitude of a cataclysm that could have caused Congress to make a declaration of war. Rear Admiral Theobald’s thesis is that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is the result of a challenge devised long before by Roosevelt.

If at first, it appeared as a heresy, causing a real storm in the circles of power in Washington, the above thesis has gained, over time, more and more followers, including, of course, Jan van Helsing. . His theory is that the ninja who, in his opinion, executed Roosevelt, already knew, in 1945, everything that Rear Admiral RA Theobald published only in 1954. And he took revenge, even before the end of the war, and therefore before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The fact that Roosevelt died in a garden and not between four walls supports the “Helsing hypothesis”, as it is much easier to shoot a poisoned arrow at someone than on the inside.

A poison that creates or mimics a stroke may seem like something related to science fiction. Not for connoisseurs. Ninjas are also very good chemists and toxicologists, able to make poisons that even today cannot be detected by forensic laboratories. Specialists cite the case of doku poisoning, whose (apparent) effects are identical to those of a heart attack, a poison obtained by boiling and distilling chrysanthemum pistils. The recipe is known to very few people, of whom even fewer are outside the borders of Japan. The irony: the Japanese love chrysanthemums for their great beauty and chrysanthemum with sixteen petals is the coat of arms of the Japanese imperial family.

It can be assumed, without making too many mistakes, that there are poisons that can simulate the effects of a stroke, a liver attack, appendicitis, or God knows what. Such poison was injected into the victim from a distance, either by a tiny arrow blown with a sarbacana, or by a shaken, star-shaped metal object. In the form of a thicker syrup, the poison lay on the mini-arrow or on the shaken.

Even without poison, such weapons can be deadly if fired by a ninja. With poison, there is no need to reach a vital center, it is enough for the poison to enter the blood, and death is instantaneous. All that is seen (possibly) at the autopsy is a slight sting. That is not always seen either because an experienced ninja (and an inexperienced ninja is nonsense, among other things because such a specimen would have led to certain death, due to the dangers to which the ninja is exposed) will hit areas where a sting is difficult to detect. For example, in the nape of the neck, in the area covered by hair.

Literally, the ninja translates as “thief,” and the ideogram “nin” in this word translates as “man,” as well as “edge.” Which can mean both that the ninja lives on the edge of a knife, but also that he can be like the edge of a Japanese sword: his blow is always deadly.

Representation of a Japanese Ninja (Source: Pixabay)

However, outside of Japan, nothing is really known about ninjutsu — the art of ninjas, despite the “advertisement” made by Hollywood studios. Or maybe that’s why the ninja possesses, among other supernatural powers attributed to them, the art of making themselves invisible. And this isn’t just about the ultra-famous black suit. Ninjas can easily build an appearance of ordinary people, being great masters in disguise and disguise. In Japan, for example, a ninja metamorphoses, depending on the circumstances, into a priest, actor, peasant, street vendor, carpenter, doctor, samurai, or senior.

They had to know all the trades and their specific vocabulary, so as not to give themselves up. For example, a ninja who assumed the role of pharmacist had to know the dialect of Toyama Province, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan, because in the Middle Ages all pharmacists came from there. In the Middle Ages, the Japanese most often traveled by boat, and boatmen boasted of the talent to guess the profession and origin of the traveler. Willy-nilly, any ninja had to be an expert in the art of disguise and be the living embodiment of the motto “Deceive the boatman”.

Unlike samurai, whose behavior is compared by connoisseurs of Asian alchemy to the element of air (read: wind and storm), a ninja must be like a vacuum, without form, without color, without identity, without beginning, and without end, precisely in order to be able to take any form and assume any identity. Which means a different kind of invisibility.

Japan’s revenge

In feudal Japan, samurai and ninjas were practically at opposite poles of society. The former was part of the bushi caste, the military aristocracy, they were the only ones allowed to wear daisho — the two swords.

The political elite, the emperor, the shogun, and the daymio (feudal lords), were, by birth, also samurai. Ninjas belonged, also by birth, to the coat of arms. Their social level was very, very low, being considered almost subhuman. But there is also some resemblance, due to the strong family spirit and respect for ancestors that still permeate Japanese society. Like samurai, ninjas were grouped into clans, where secrets and fighting techniques were passed down from father to son.

As with the samurai, whose tradition survived through ryu (schools) cre bujutsu (martial arts), the ninja tradition survived through ninjutsu schools. But these ninjutsu ryu are closed-circuit schools, whoever is not part of the clan that owns them has no chance of taking their classes. There are other differences. While the lives of proud samurai are ruled by the bushido cochlea, which places honor above any other principle, thing, cause, person, etc., ninjas are considered to be the living expression of unscrupulousness, considering that the goal absolutely always excuses the means.

More precisely, finality matters, ideas of good and evil are subjective, and bushido is just a bunch of stupid rules that can only restrict the real man of action. But there is also a ninja philosophy, which considers revenge (the application of a drastic punishment) as a form of restoring the balance of the Universe, whose harmony has been disturbed by an evil deed. So, if Franklin Delano Roosevelt was really executed by a ninja, it’s almost certain he thought that way when he acted.

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