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Max Hahn and his wife Emma stumbled upon a peculiar discovery during a walk in June 1936. They noticed a rock with wood sticking out from its center. Intrigued, they brought it home and decided to crack it open. To their surprise, they found what appeared to be an ancient hammer inside.

Upon further examination by archaeologists, it was revealed that the rock encasing the hammer dates back over 400 million years. Even more astonishingly, the hammer itself was determined to be more than 500 million years old. Furthermore, a part of the handle had started transforming into coal, adding to the mysterious nature of the artifact.

People call objects like the London Hammer “Out of Place Artifacts,” or OOParts. They’re weird objects that make scientists wonder about geology, archaeology, and Earth’s history. Here are the basic facts about the London Hammer:

  • It’s six inches long and one inch thick.
  • It’s mostly made of iron, with a bit of chlorine and sulfur.
  • It hasn’t rusted since it was found in 1936.
  • The wooden handle isn’t turned into stone and has some burnt parts.
  • We’re not exactly sure where it was found, but it doesn’t have marks like it was chiseled out of a big rock. It seems like it was found just lying around, as the people who found it said.

The enigma of the London Hammer endures, evoking different interpretations from those who encounter it. To some, it symbolizes a mystical journey through time, while to others, it stands as a fascinating geological anomaly. Regardless of perspective, the London Hammer embodies humanity’s perpetual quest for understanding, significance, and a sense of belonging to something greater.

Today, the London Hammer is showcased at Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum, where replicas are available for purchase, inviting visitors to ponder its mysteries and contemplate their own understanding of the world.

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