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Back in 1905, a young 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson stumbled upon a sweet surprise right here in the Bay Area. It all started innocently enough while Frank was playing around his Oakland neighborhood. One hot day, he mixed some soda powder with water in a cup and absentmindedly left it outside on the porch. But here’s where things took a chilly turn: Frank forgot about his concoction, and something magical happened as the night cooled down.

The liquid in the cup began to freeze around the wooden stirring stick, transforming into a delicious icy treat. When Frank discovered his accidental creation the next morning, he was thrilled! He pulled out the frozen soda on a stick and took a lick. Voila! The Popsicle was born thanks to a simple twist of fate and some frosty weather. Frank’s accidental invention would go on to delight taste buds worldwide, becoming a beloved frozen treat cherished by both kids and adults alike.

After Frank Epperson’s accidental invention of the Popsicle in 1905, he initially kept his newfound treat close to home, selling it within his Oakland neighborhood. Despite recognizing the brilliance of his creation, Frank was content with his local success for nearly twenty years. However, the idea of expansion eventually sparked in his mind, prompting him to pursue broader horizons. In 1923, Frank took a leap of faith and applied for a patent for his frozen delight, now called the Episicle.

With the patent secured, he diversified his offerings with various flavors and opened a storefront at nearby Neptune Beach, then dubbed “West Coast Coney Island.” Frank’s business and his family grew, and his children affectionately began calling him “Pops.” This endearing nickname found its way into customers’ hearts, and soon, the Episicle became universally known as the “Popsicle,” forever honoring its accidental inventor.

After his remarkable journey as the accidental inventor of the Popsicle, Frank Epperson passed away in 1983. He found his final resting place in Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery, where he rests alongside other local food legends like chocolate magnate Domingo Ghirardelli and mai tai pioneer Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron. This cemetery has become a landmark celebrating the culinary luminaries who left an indelible mark on the food industry. Epperson’s accidental creation of the Popsicle earned him a well-deserved place among these esteemed figures.

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