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ave you ever had the desire to just go back in time and speak with historical figures that have changed the world? I think we all desired this and probably most people would wish to speak with one of the most brilliant minds that have walked on this earth, Albert Einstein. You would think that his genius would have an answer to anything and potentially he can with the ingenious technology brought by UneeQ.

The company has been known for creating realistic 3D avatars that would interact with users. In the past two years, the company has shifted its focus on developing what they call “Digital Humans” that are powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and can offer an infinite scale of human interaction.

Digital Einstein

The project of recreating Albert Einstein was done in accordance with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the same institution that Albert Einstein founded in 1918. In an offer to pay tribute and offer people a friendlier as well as more interesting presentation to digital humans, a digital Albert Einstein has been created.

I have tried to interact with artificial intelligence before, but this is truly the next level. The artificial intelligence used by UneeQ is self-developing in the sense that it constantly keeps evolving. Digital Einstein keeps getting smarter and smarter which each interaction he has with a user. The way he learns is by registering information and accessing a large database in order to give an answer to a subject he hasn’t encountered yet.

There are a few complex questions that he might not yet be able to answer, but the programmers behind this technology are working every day to improve his performance. What is really interesting is the ability integrated by the creators to use a microphone and talk to him in real time as if you were actually talking to him.

The common data used for any scientific response is WolframAlpha’s educational knowledge base which is considered by many to be state-of-the-art. It is truly amazing to see not only the intellectual capabilities of this artificial intelligence but also the realistic recreation of Einstein that is doing gestures in real-time and different facial expressions based on the discussion.

This project is not only focused on being backed up by knowledge databases but also a strong biography of Einstein in order to understand the way digital Einstein should respond and this can really be seen in the answers he gives when asked about something.

My discussion with Einstein

In order to test this new technology I have asked several questions and from my list, I have picked three that offered me a well-developed answer. I didn’t hold back and really went for the more intriguing questions. Some he wasn’t able to answer and his response would vary but end with “I will let my trainers know of this”.

What do you think about wars?

His response: I have always been a convinced pacifist, however, there are certain circumstances where force should be used. Such a circumstance is an individual with the objective to destroy me and my people.

What do you think about our present modern society?

His response: I think that people should really take action towards climate change otherwise future generations would have nothing to enjoy.

What is the meaning of life?

His response: A life lived for others is a life worth living

What is the most important thing in life?

His response: The most important thing in life is to never stop asking questions. In this way, humanity keeps evolving, and therefore we can develop future technologies.

Based on all my research on Einstein’s life and work I can say that these responses really match Esinteins character and if I was to ask the same questions to the real Einstein I would get similar answers.

I truly love the historical aspect behind this technology as it is a great tool to educate people on the scientific, economic and political scene of the 20th century. Asking questions about why Einstein left Germany and if he had anything to do with the Manhattan Project will offer some satisfying answers.

I would really recommend that you give digital Einstein a try and have a bit of interaction with this great artificial mind.

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