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ome humans have had the honor of living a very long life. Survival over so many years can be seen as something very positive, but this also means living through some rough times such as two world wars and a number of pandemics. Despite everything that had occurred during the 20th and 21st centuries, the Hernandez-Perez family managed to survive together. The Hernández-Pérez household has broken the record for the highest combined age of 12 living siblings, with a whopping total age of 1,058 years 249 days. 

Modesto Hernández and Martina Pérez, a loving couple who still reside in Moya, Gran Canaria, where their twelve children were born and raised, were the beginning of it all. The oldest son of Modesto and Martina and the first of the siblings, Jose was born on 30 December 1924. His birth was followed two years later by his brother Alejandro, born on 11 January 1926. 

The two brothers then saw their family tree grow year after year as they welcomed their first sister. Carmen was born in the summer, in 1928, as was Juan who came in June 1929. The following year, Martina gave birth to her second daughter, Rosario Ofelia. Rosario was born on 15 June 1930. 

As they lived on a Spanish Island, the family was not really affected by war or any other health hazards which is argued to be one of the reasons why they have lived for so many years. At the same time, most of the family members have not been doing much traveling, once again lowering the risk of death or mortality.

The 12 siblings in 1946 (Source: Guinness World Records)

Between 1932 and 1946, the Hernández-Pérez clan had more children added to their ranks:

  • Amanda (b. 10 September 1932)
  • Modesto (b. 22 February 1934)
  • Angela (b. 14 July 1936)
  • Francisco (b. 21 August 1938)
  • Gloria Hortensia (b. 13 May 1941)
  • Miguel (b. 3 June 1943) 
  • Luis (b. 4 April 1946)
All 12 Siblings reunited in September 2022 (Source: Guinness World Records)

This September the family had also broken the World Record when their combined age was confirmed as 1,058 years and 249 days. All of the siblings still live on the same island and they have mentioned that since the attention from media agencies, they have been united more than ever. It is also the fact that they are being realistic, knowing they are slowly but surely approaching their due date.

What is more superb is the photo which has been taken with all of their children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren.

“That sense of union carries on to this day, and there was never a fall out between us siblings. We all always help and support each other.”

All the Siblings
65 members of the Hernández-Pérez family (Source: Guinness World Records)

The oldest sibling, Jose Hernandez-Perez, will turn 98 in December. The youngest, Luis Hernandez-Perez, turned 76 in April. Hopefully, they live longer to reach a much higher milestone and maintain their Guinness World Record.

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