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a world where we can barely keep up with technological evolutions, we try to be more and more productive through complex schemes that truly slow us down as they make us think more than actually do. In this article, I want to take a look at how we can be more productive as marketers in order to grow productivity in ourselves so that we can reach new limits and develop new skills.

Simplicity over complexity

You see, the caveman was a very simple person that despite not having many neurons he was able to be more productive than most of us today, and this is because (I cannot stress it enough) a simple mindset will most of the time be more productive than a complex mindset.

This is because a complex mindset has to go through a process where it needs to answer different questions before proceeding with the intent of working on whatever it has to accomplish.

Questions such as:

  • Is the way of doing this certain action safe?
  • Am I the right person for the job? (denial of own potential upon low productivity)
  • Is there a more productive way of doing this?
  • Are there certain tools that can make the job easier?
  • You get the gist.

As the caveman with a simplistic mindset did not have to be preoccupied with such questions it just went straight and got on with its job of gathering wood, hunting for food and protecting its family(no questions asked).

Of course, as marketers, we need to be more reluctant and ask questions a big part of the time in order to ensure the quality of something and the accuracy of certain results/data gathered from research projects.

However, we need to question some of these questions, how relatively important are they? Are they really that helpfull that we need to stop and bite from our valuable time to ask it? in return for what?

This is the peak point which I wanted to reach with this issue, you see the caveman knew exactly what it wanted and that was what he needed (food, shelter, fire, etc…) therefore he just went and go it through different means that brought the highest level of productivity based on his skill set.

The question is do you do that?

It is true that most of us who live in the 21st-century have quite a few handfuls more necessities and problems on our heads than the caveman did but, this does not mean that we cannot learn from the caveman and his simplistic yet logical psychological state.

It is all about defying a course in life by prioritizing the things you have to do in order to reach the next level in your life. No matter if this is considered as personal development, enhancing on skills needed at work or just simply working on a better quality of life, we need to slow down whilst climbing up.

Time and Productivity

In marketing, the most difficult thing is to keep up with all the trends that are changing every day, time is our enemy, therefore in order to be more productive, we need to work with it as if it is our friend. We do this by looking into the history of what was left behind to anticipate the challenges that may come tomorrow.

You see, the caveman did not really have much of a sense of time, he just simply knew that:

  • when the sun is up, it’s time to work
  • when the sun is going down, it’s time to eat
  • when it’s dark outside, it’s time to sleep

This schedule may sound familiar to many of you, but it is not about the simplicity of the schedule or how mundane it sounds. It is about the things you get done within this schedule.

  • How well do you eat?
  • How well do you sleep?
  • How productive are you at work?

It is the simple things that we sometimes forget in life, these simple things that are actually quite important to the quality of our life, therefore to our ability to be productive. I presume that the caveman had the priority of taking care of himself and his family before anything else.

This is how we have to be in life and this is how we need to conduct our business. The thing that you are going to set as a priority is what you will care most about and what you will put in the most amount of work. Marketing has taught me that persistence is what develops your productivity. Pushing forward those marketing campaigns in order to get those extra sales which in reality may not make much of a difference but for you, it can be the greatest achievement in life as you have overcome your personal score.

What does that mean?

You have been productive whilst developing yourself.

The only mistake that the caveman is guilty of is setting himself a limitation by thinking I am a human, therefore, I can only do as much. To which I say, you are half right, you are a human, but one amazing thing that you did not get to learn about humans is that we do not have limitations because we can do whatever we set our minds to do.

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