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here’s always been a high interest in small details that could have potentially changed the course of the Second World War. One such detail is how Germany has lost its human gem which in theory could have helped them create powerful weapons however, he would have probably died before helping the Axis win the war no matter if this was its fatherland. Many historians see Einstein as leaving Germany for America as it was a better land however, that is not necessarily the case.

The theoretical physicist by the name of Albert Einstein used his intellect to decipher Hitler before he would come to power and the sort of plans he would have for Germany. Einstein acknowledged that Europe would face an even greater war which would be started by the Germans. Einstein was a pacifist and a humanitarian who was by all means against any type of war. He said that war does not bring any benefit to human society and also it being an action for wasting numerous resources.

In 1932 Einstein made his first visit to America to visit some academic friends from Princeton University who had a high interest in his theoretical work. On this visit, he was very pleased with what he was seeing as well as experiencing, many states that this visit also had the scope of seeing or better yet testing the land he wanted to emigrate to. it is imperative to mention that he was receiving numerous invitations from universities around the world including Oxford.

By 1933 whilst Einstein was still in America, Hitler has risen to power in Germany by being appointed as the chancellor. In March 1933 Einstein and his wife Elsa came back from the United States to their home to find that it has been raided. Some historians argue that this was a message sent by Hitler himself as a protest of his prolonged visit to America. For Einstein, this was the last sign he was waiting for witch has made him take the drastic decision of moving out of Germany.

Not only that, but he went as far as formally renouncing his German citizenship and he even gave in his German passport to the consulate of Germany. This was an indirect message to Hitler who has not taken this the light way and knowing that Hitler had no power to stop his emigration he was now placed on an assassination list. It is imperative to understand that it was not only the actions of wanting to join the Allies which has angered Hitler into such drastic decisions but also the fear that he had as Hitler knew the advantage that Einstein’s abilities could bring to the Americans.

When Einstein found out about his name being on the assassination list he decided to temporarily move to England and emigrate to America from there. In October 1933 he has emigrated to America in New Jersey where he became a member of the Princeton University Advanced Study group. What is more interesting is that it was not only he but quite a few other scholars of German descent which have seen no good in Hitler’s new Government and wanted to emigrate to other countries.

Albert Einstein traveled to America with leaders of the Zionist organization (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Einstein was clever enough to see the hate that Hitler had for the Jewish population even if he was imposing no threat at the time when Einstein left Germany. Not only he but also leaders of the Zionist Organization such as Chaim Weizmann anticipated that Hitler had a bigger plan for the Jewish population which they did not want to be part of. At the same time, Alber Einstein was working on finding a way to efficiently use nuclear power, he was afraid that Hitler would torture him into the creation of nuclear weapons which is just another reason for fleeing the country.

Other historians state that Hitler would have killed him the first chance he would have had however, I think in a different way. I believe that he would not kill him but torture him into creating weapons and different devastating innovations for him to win the war. By 1940 Albert Einstein has gained his citizenship as an American citizen. Despite his negative vision of war, he did come up with the discovery of nuclear fission that went into the creation of the atomic bomb which was used by the Americans in 1945 on the Japanese.

I want to strongly mention that many historians make the mistake of him creating the atomic bomb which is false, he only came up with the science of nuclear fission but has never intended to be used for the creation of a weapon out of it. Even after the Second World War, he has been accused many times of the creation of the atomic bomb however, he has always denounced such statements.

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