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other Mary is described with high divinity within the scriptures, but nothing is mentioned of her appearance. Neither no evidence of her appearance had been discovered from biblical times. The mother of Jesus Christ has been overshadowed and it feels like her importance within Christianity is not given enough merit for the role she played. This may also explain why the authors of the scriptures did not take the time to dwell on the appearance of Mother Mary.

Over the years, different scholars tried to analyze different factors to identify what Mother Mary looked like. Taking into consideration historical evidence of women from the same age period and zone.

When analyzing historical scriptures you need to be careful as there are two Marys mentioned. One of them was a Jewish peasant girl living in a backwater province of the Roman Empire and the semi-goddess Virgin Mary which is known in Christian churches. The more unknown Mary was from the Bedouins’ culture. This is considered to be a very old culture that had survived since biblical times and Mother Mary may have been part of it.

But we will focus on Virgin Mary which gave birth to Jesus Christ. Because many people confuse the two Marys, they also confuse the scriptures as most of them do not make a great reference to which Mary they refer. The closest that people came to identifying the look of Mother Virgin Mary was a 3D reconstruction of her face by experts from Stanford University. Scientists at Stanford University are said to have created a computerized cut-out of Jesus’ mother to find out how she might have looked.

scientists at Stanford University claim to have a 3D reconstruction of the Virgin Mary (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Once the results of the 3D construction were made public, the scientists from Stanford University received a lot of critics as she does not look as people would have expected. Some even said that the model has quite a close resemblance to Lady Gaga and it does not come close to what the Christian paintings portray.

If we focus on the religious portraits that have been done over the years (since biblical times until now) we would carry a very long debate of which is the most accurate painting when it comes to depicting the appearance of Mother Mary.

Painting of Mother Mary painted by Julien Lasbleiz inspired by the Shroud of Turin next to the portrait of Jesus Christ (Source: Pinterest)

Some people as well as myself consider this portrait of Mother Mary painted by Julien Lasbleiz to be the most accurate depiction of Mother Mary. The reason for this is within this painting Mother Mary has quite a good resemblance to Jesus Christ, which is a strong argument and maybe the strongest based on the lack of evidence.

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