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16 April 1945, The Soviets surrounded Berlin from the East and North whilst the Allied forces surrounded Berlin from the West and the South. This time there was no way out, and if they saw a German face trying to get out they would not let it. The hate that has grown from the exhaustion and losses caused by this war is not comparable to anything in this world. We can say that the Soviets have always desired war for good as well as bad reasons but, we shall leave that story for another day. There have been many conspiracies saying that Hitler has not committed suicide but actually escaped in Argentina. There are many factors that we need to analyze and take in consideration to show the unrealistic theory that this is.


Let’s start with something that is really important or at least I hope it was even for a horrible man such as Hitler. Would he actually have had the guts to make his wife suicide and kill his children in order to escape? In theory, he has not made his wife suicide as she has done it deliberately, however, he has killed his children as he was afraid they would be terrorized and tortured or even worse by the world. It would be difficult to near impossible for him to escape on his own but now with his family. I do not care how much of a bad person you can be, I believe that family is family, and even if Hitler did not have a heart for the rest of the world maybe he had a heart for his family.


I know that many people will say that such a man does not have dignity, apart from all the war crimes he has committed but, before this, he was also a soldier in a war that fought for his country. Leaving all that he has created behind even on the brink of destruction would show cowardness and no dignity. Just as a captain falls with his ship so he did fall with his Führerbunker (Hitler’s bunker/located in the center of Berlin). Hitler knew by the 31st of April that there was no chance to hold the line of the center of Berlin with only 2 battalions that were mostly made up of civilians, he was just not able to accept the defeat. Even if he did have a slight chance to escape through some connection as at the end of the day war is also about money, he would have not done it as even if he has committed suicide he has shown some dignity.

Geographical Assembly of Berlin

The architectural plan of Berlin would be another problem, it would not make it easy to escape from the center of Berlin as all streets lead to the center as well as all streets were filled with allied forces, even with the underground tunnels they were limited and they would prove to be futile as they were sold out by captured SS soldiers. There was the word of a different passage that would lead straight to Finland from where they can take a ship to anywhere in the world. Let’s say by a miracle Hitler has made it to this port, the perimeter of the sea was filled with US and British ships. Even with a good disguise, I would not see it possible to pass so many troops, such a bad man cannot be hidden, you can look in his eyes as he has this distinctive hateful look.

The Hunt of Allied Forces

By this time, the Allied forces were exhausted and they knew that this war would be over with the death of Hitler, they wanted his death more than anything, some wanted this even more than saving lives. As mentioned before even with a good disguise Hitler would not be able to just pass by so many soldiers that were looking for him. Commanders of different companies were even spreading pictures of Hitler so that the soldiers could keep an eye out. Some histories even say that those pictures were used to influence the energy of the allied soldiers as well as influence the wish to kill Hitler.

This wasn’t just a man to go by without being noticed, even if he did reach Argentina, the whole world knew of him and his cruel actions, therefore, it would be impossible to live a whole life without being noticed at some point or bringing up suspicions. Many have tried to forge evidence saying that the FBI is in possession of documents proving Hitler’s existence over the years in Argentina, however, I see this as just another theory of conspiracy. History is history but, it is good to keep your mind intrigued with different possibilities even if they are not plausible.

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