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amazing specimen has been discovered. The world is astonished to see a snake with two heads that happen to move in different patterns. The snake’s two heads seem to both have a mind of their own, however, the body of the snake seems to be moving as if it only had one head or mind.

Bicephaly is a rare disorder that develops when identical twins fail to completely separate during embryonic development. Deer and other animals of all types can develop the illness. When a live deer with two heads is captured, such a case is recorded every year.

Bicephalic animals struggle mightily to survive in the wild because their two competing brains make even the most basic behaviors like collecting prey or escaping predators challenging. They frequently wind up in the care of wildlife specialists as a result.

Photo of Dos (Source: Fish and Wildlife Research Institute)

The Family who discovered the snake named him “Dos” (Two in Spanish) due to having two heads. For now, Dos is being cared for by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), which has released some pictures of him to Facebook. FWC experts identified Dos as a southern black slider, Coluber constrictor priapus , a small, nonvenomous snake common in the southeastern United States.

Dos certainly has a better chance of survival under the care of FWC herpetologists than in the wild, for starters, he doesn’t have to worry about cats or food anymore, but there are certainly some impediments to a normal life.

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