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presume that many of you have heard stories about lost pets that have returned after months to their owners on their own, but Bobbie’s story is quite special and unique. This is because Bobbie traveled over 2,500 miles (4,000 Km) during the winter period to get back home to his family.

How did Bobbie get lost?

Bobbie was the pet of the Brazier family from Silverton, Oregon. The family was in love with this Scottish Collie which they considered a member of the family. The family would not go anywhere without taking Bobbie.

In August of 1923, the family was preparing to visit some relatives that lived in the state of Indiana, almost from one end of the U.S. to the other. Such a road trip in 1923 would take around 120 hours and 2,500 miles. The family would make small stops either to eat or to fuel up the car along the way.

Once they reached Indiana, they made one final fuel stop in Wolcott where Bobbie walked around and ended up being chased away from the gas station by a bunch of wild dogs. The family stopped their trip to find Bobbie. Devastated, they spent days looking for him and putting up posters with Bobbie.

A month passed and the family had to return to Oregon, they did so with a heavy heart, in their minds they had lost Bobbie for good.

Bobbie finding his way home

In February of 1924, the family went to a restaurant to dine and upon their return home, Bobbie was in front of the house waiting for the owners to return. After almost a year, the family lost any sort of faith that Bobbie was still alive.

Bobbie was malnourished, weakened, and full of bruises as well as cuts. His paws were extremely bruised and his nails were filled to the bone, showing just how much the poor dog had walked.

Besides having to walk over 2,500 miles, Bobbie also had to cross two mountains as well as a desert and at the same time face a harsh winter. This wonder dog got its nickname as it had to face hunger, thirst, and other wild animals to make it back to its owners.

As the family took care of him and fed him well, they weren’t surprised that Bobbie slept for three days straight. The family was at one point frightened that he was dead, but in fact, he was dead tired from such a long journey.

Since then, Bobbie became a star in the state of Indiana, having his first appearance in the local newspaper Silverton Appeal and being nicknamed “the Wonder Dog”. The story got picked up by radio stations and even newspapers across the country.

Bobbie & Frank Brazier (Source: Dogs in History)

Bobbie’s story became a sensation overnight! He would receive gifts from all over the country such as treats and medals. In the same year, he even received the Town Key of Silverston and he was even cast to play in a movie called The Call of the West that came out in 1927.

1927 however was also a sad year as Bobbie died at the age of seven. Bobbie received a funeral with honors at which hundreds of people participated. At the funeral, George Baker who was the mayor of Silverston at the time even gave a speech and at his burial ground, a statue was placed in the honor of Bobbie by the mayor which can be seen even to this day.

A statue at the animal burial ground Oregon Humane in Silverton, Oregon (Source: Oregon Humane Society)

Bobbie’s life and incredible journey come to show us that animals will love us unconditionally and that they would go above and beyond to show it. A dog doesn’t care if you are ugly, poor, rich, or beautiful. All a dog wants is to be loved by its owners and he or she will give back at least ten times the amount of love.

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