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ecluded corners of our world still house many primitive tribes that prefer to stay isolated from modern society in order for us or our technology to not affect their culture. The Bonda tribes are considered the most primitive within India as their history dates back thousands of years when they have been living in isolation, not knowing, nor caring about how the world evolved around them.

During this period of time, nothing has changed within their culture, if you chose to visit the isolated hill regions of the Malkangiri district of southwestern Odisha, India where the Bonda tribes are located you will take a trip back in time by seeing how primitive their lifestyle is.

What is the most interesting thing in particular about their culture is that women marry very young boys and they dedicate half of their lives to raising their husbands until they can return the favor.

A culture like no other

The Bonda tribes are made up of 12,000 people that still have a primitive economy of gathering and hunting for their food and using natural resources to build whatever they require. Recently they have opened up to the world and now they allow travelers to come and stay, this allows them to make some money with which they can buy some things that they cannot produce, signifying that the tribes are starting to evolve due to our influence.

However, their unique way of living is what seems really interesting. The idea behind marrying a young boy is to assure sustainability in life whilst making sure that the tribe will live on. Many of the elders from the tribe argue that this is what kept their primitive and secluded tribe from extinction for thousands of years.

A group of Bonda men bringing their moonshine (homemade distilled liquor) to market. (Source: India Mike)

Usually, a woman will marries a boy at the age of 10 and within their relationship, the woman raises her husband so that when she becomes old he will have to take care of her. Women from the Bonda tribes get married between 25–30. If a boy passes the age of 14 he is deemed as too old to be a husband.

Life sustainability

The wife is also like a tutor that takes care of educating her “child husband” in all manners and making sure that once they reach an age when they can sustain themselves and the wife, they have the knowledge required to do so.

Due to this culture, the population within the Bonda tribes is mainly made of women and this is because women are seen as more valued than men within their culture. They are considered more powerful, more knowledgeable, and with a long life expectancy.

Women of the Bonda Tribe gathering for a feast (Source: G-Photography)

The time a child is conceived within the marriage is when the husband becomes an adult that is able to sustain the family by either farming or going hunting, but in some cases, this can take place during the teenage late teenage years of a husband.

Interestingly enough, most of the children that have been born within the tribes are girls so that may be a reason for the tribe to start worrying or maybe a sign from their Gods.

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