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aining fish, frogs, and other small animals? For many, this is a mythological phenomenon coming out of fairy tale books that are used to put children to sleep, but the truth is that this is actually a true phenomenon that is easy to explain. Even since Medieval times, many different books have portrayed this strange story of rain with frogs and fish. For that period of time, it was difficult to believe anything like that could have occurred as of how gullible people used to be due to their highly uneducated minds.

Since Ancient Times…

Slowly the world advanced into modern times and during the 18th century different paintings depicting such phenomenons started to appear.

A caricature painting from 18th century England depicting myths of raining with cats, dogs, and frogs (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

As this phenomenon was stuck in the past and had not been repeated in modern times people had a good reason not to believe in it. Later in time, it was still difficult to report such phenomena as there was no photographic evidence and it never captured the interest of reputable news outlets.

Raining frogs and tadpole rain (Source: Steemit)

The first time a reputable news outlet actually reported this was on October 24, 1987. According to an article published by the Daily Mirror, within a period of two weeks, the two towns were pelted with amphibians on two separate occasions. A lady who gave the word about the story said that it was raining pink frogs in Gloucestershire. Frogs bouncing off umbrellas and hitting the pavement hard.

Froglets scattered on rural road, (Source: Pinktentacle)

If you told anyone that they would most probably not believe it. However, Gloucestershire Trust for Nature Conservancy (GTNC) confirmed the event.

Tadpole rain in Japan 2009 (Source: Pinktentacle)

Since that article, many others have been published reporting the same phenomenon. Not only that, but the number of reports highly increased during the start of the 21st century. Another big amphibious storm took place in 2009 in Japan. Struck by a strange phenomenon of frog and tadpole rain, some thought it was a curse whilst others were looking at the impossible.

Tadpole rain in Japan 2009 (Source: Pinktentacle)

So what exactly is the explanation behind this phenomenon? Many cannot figure it out but it is actually quite simple to explain. The explanation was given in 2009 by the temporary meteorological agency of Japan, however, because many people who did not witness the event with their own eyes still didn’t want to believe it actually happened, they did not listen to the explanation.

Because frogs and tadpoles are so light in weight, it is very easy for them to be picked up by powerful winds. Especially tadpoles as they can be carried miles away by being thrown high in the sky via tornadoes. The creatures could have also been sucked up by waterspouts.

There are other experts stating that sometimes winds that come from the Sahara desert can be so strong that they would carry these tadpoles very far away, making people question the theory mentioned above. Many people question the theory at hand as they say there are no tadpoles or frogs in their environment, but they underestimate the power of the wind as well as the light weight of these creatures.

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