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an ongoing discussion of prehistoric objects that could change or even deny many history books, I think that this one takes it all. We have been always doubtful about some pieces of history as they seem simply too complex or advanced for the period of time they come from and many people are including other “superstitious” or divine powers to fill in the gaps. However, it is imperative to remember that throughout history we have witnessed incredible things performed by humans.

This story is about a little rock, as many like to call it, that could change a big part of history. Within the Bronze Age, we think of the Greeks as demigods because of the philosophy they brought into human society as well as because of their religious beliefs in ancient history.

Another piece to the puzzle

In 2015 an expedition was carried out in a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age Warrior’s Tomb in Pylos, Greece. The intent of the expedition was to find some valuable treasures from the Bronze Age as many heroes at the time stored their treasures in their tombs. After a whole year of careful digging, they found this sort of rock that had a very detailed design etched on it, surprisingly detailed considering its prehistoric age.

Specialists say that this was actually used as a stamp on letters with wax in order to form a seal, however, history tells us that this is too advanced for the time. It is not just that, but the exquisite details on this rock of a human body and what is considered to be the Griffin warrior. Next to the artifact, researchers also found a skeleton that they think it might actually be the skeleton of the Griffin warrior.

Besides these great findings, the tomb was full of treasures from the bronze age such as gold and silver jewelry which defines the skeleton’s status as a warrior as only they had the privilege to wear gold rings.

The design of the artifact (source: T. Ross/The Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati)

Researcher Jack Davis says that the most fascinating part about the artifact is the very detailed sculpture, such attention to sculptures was way ahead of their time, only seeing such attention being paid to them about 1,000 years later. This brings many questions as you would need technology that is way ahead of its time for such a sculpture to be designed. Besides a very small and fine pick, you will probably need a magnifying glass that will allow the eye to carefully work on the details.

This is because the rock is only 3.6 centimeters long (1.4 inches), which is why historians are now questioning ancient Greek history, as they seem to be very much ahead of time. This also contradicts some other empirical evidence found in recent years.

Part of the mystery is also what the rock is trying to depict. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati assume that it may have been a legend from that time with the closest description of a Griffin warrior fighting against a foe. Researchers say that they want to see this seal be included in the forthcoming history art textbooks as this is a finding which changed the way prehistoric art is viewed.

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