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itler and other leading members of the Third Reich deleted and recreated German history in order to manipulate and indoctrinate the so-called Aryan race present within Germany during Hitler’s regime. This new history that had been created tried to portray Germany as the saint of all nations, exemplifying the same ideology portrayed in Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”.

Joseph Goebbels was in charge of all the propaganda that was going around Hitler’s Germany. Although German people were gullible, they were not stupid as they wanted to see a more precise history of their origin as a race. Where was the Aryan race born and how did it end up in Germany? This is why Goebbels created a special squad of German SS officers and experts to be sent to central Asia the look for the origin of the Aryan Race.

Searching for a Myth

The insignia for the Ahnenerbe (Source: Archaeology Archive)

In 1935, Joseph Goebbels founded an elite Nazi research institute called the Ahnenerbe. Its name came from a rather obscure German word, Ahnenerbe (pronounced AH-nen-AIR-buh), meaning “something inherited from the forefathers.” The mission of this group was to find evidence that shows the origin of the Aryan race. Either Goebbels himself was very sold on this lie or he went along with a credible mindset to create a better inception effect for the masses.

Part of this group of explorers was Bruno Beger, a German racial anthropologist. Another important person that oversaw most expeditions was Ernst Schafer, one of the very first SS-Sturmbannführer within the Third Reich and chosen by Goebbels to lead the explorations within central Asia. In 1938, Goebbels had ordered this special squad to be sent to central Asia, starting in Sri Lanka, India, and continuing towards the Himalayas in Tibet. The expedition was planned to look a lot more into the Indian regions for evidence because of the Swastika found in India long before the existence of modern Germany.

The ship carrying the five Germans docked at Colombo early in May 1938 (Source: Alex McKay)

The Swastika represented within the Indian culture is actually an auspicious symbol widely used to invite good fortune in many Asian countries. This is the reason why Goebbels wanted to start the expedition to find the origin of the Aryan race within Asia. For those that aren’t aware, the Nazi Swastika had not been created in coincidence by Hitler, he had stolen it from Asian cultures for its meaningful value.

It is not just the Swastika, but a lot of the terminology found within the Aryan or Nazi culture had been stolen from Hinduism. The term “Aryan”, for example, comes from the Sanskrit word arya, meaning noble. In the Vedas, the most ancient Hindu scriptures, the term describes a race of light-skinned people from Central Asia who conquered and subjugated the darker-skinned (or Dravidian) peoples of the Indian subcontinent.

Author Chris Hale gives a very detailed explanation of their whole journey within his book entitled “Himmler’s Crusade: The Nazi Expedition to Find the Origins of the Aryan Race”. The reason only a short portion of the expedition took place in India is that World War II broke out and at the time India was still controlled by the British government. On the nineteenth of January, 1939, the five members of the exploration team, passed through the ancient, arched gateway that led into the sacred city of Lhasa.

Bruno Beger, second left, and others at a meeting in Lhasa in Tibet in 1939 (Source: Getty Images)

The five nazis were welcomed by the Tibetan people, but they did not exactly understand their mission. Tibet is one of the most peaceful parts of the world and as the nation has been throughout history, staying mostly neutral as much as possible in any neighboring conflict. Why would a barbaric nation as Germany have its origin from what Chris hale describes in his book as a uniquely perfect and peaceful social system?

The ancestors of Germans are Tibetans?

Some people have thought that this exploration was all a gimmick to create good relations with the Tibetans in order to set nazi military bases within Tibet so they could attack British India. But no, the truth is that the explorers which were part of the Ahnenerbe group were actually searching for the in-existable. This should give a taste of how powerful nazi propaganda was at indoctrinating people.

Bruno Beger studied a Tibetan girl in 1938 (Source: Alex McKay)

Bruno Beger was so indoctrinated by this idea, that he was looking to see if he found any sort of biological similarities between the Aryan race and Tibetans. He started from measuring the length of each limb to even analyzing the difference between blood cells. In their deluded heads, they thought that those Aryan features were reflected in the dimensions of the skull presented in Tibetan people.

If Tibetan people were to be the ancestors of the German Aryna race, making Tibetans also Aryan, then Hitler is the biggest hypocrite in the world. In chapter XI of Mein Kampf, entitled “Race and People”, Hitler talks about how pure the Aryan Germanic blood is and how it has been corrupted for years by mixing it with other races such as Jewish people. In this case, how is the Aryna Germanic blood pure if it had been tainted already with Aryan Tibetan blood?

The explorers left Tibet and returned to Germany in 1939 without any sort of evidence apart from the analyses done on Tibetans. But Beger was no mere theorist. During the 1940s his research into the physical characteristics of Central Asian peoples was carried out using concentration camp victims, reportedly placed at his disposal on the orders of Gestapo chief Adolf Eichmann.

In 1942, Goebbels has sent more SS officers accompanied by Sven Hedin, the great Swedish explorer to do more research within Central Asia in the hopes that they will find a decisive trail of the origin of the Aryan race. Even that expedition proved to be useless as nothing that could be used as evidence was found. Beger, however, who was later to be imprisoned for war crimes at the Nuremberg trials, remained a keen proponent of Nazi ideology.

Tibetan people have absolutely no similarities to Germans, and even if they would have, why would a race move halfway across the globe? Most races had settled within their lands, no matter what sort of challenge they have encountered. The location of modern Germany was occupied long before 1500 years ago, so migrating to a new land is out of the question. This may just be one of the biggest lies created by the Nazi regime and definitely taken too far.

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