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rom scientists to treasure hunters and even the best geologists in the world, Mount Roraima still remains the biggest mystery left on this earth in our history. This amazing Mount that is unique in this world has an oddly unnatural shape as if it was cut with a knife millions of years ago.

Mount Roraima is the biggest formation of such type from South America in Venezuela. This incredible rock formation is part of the Pakaraima mountain chain and it was first discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1596. The British explorer wrote in his notebook about the discovery of a Mount that looked out of this world for being shaped the way it is.

A mountain with no tip

This is considered the only mountain in the world to have a flat head and not a tip which just offers another reason for people to believe that it is a man-made structure rather than the creation of Mother Earth. The flat top of the mountain has a surface of 31 square kilometers (12 square miles) and just to give you an idea of how big that is, the surface area of New York City is 12 kilometers squared.

The height of the mount is 2810 meters and the falling waterfalls that surround it make it the most incredible geological and biogeographic object in the world. The mount itself looks like an ecological island that had acceded from the sky.

Mount Roraima during clear weather (Source: Pinterest)

Here you can find unique plants and animal species. There are many areas of the mount that have yet not been explored as they are difficult to reach. In order to climb this monster, you either have to climb the Pakaraima Mountains and from there keep going until you reach Roraima or the easy way is using a helicopter.

Some people actually managed to escalate the mount from its steep side which looks almost impossible. Due to many attempts that have ended with the death, whoever wants to escalate the mount needs permission from the local authorities. Based on historical records the mount was first climbed in 1884 by Sir Everard Thurn.

The mystery behind it

This is also believed to be the oldest rock formation in the history of the earth. Geologists approximate that its shape had been created by a huge earthquake that had shifted the tectonic plates about two billion years ago.

Local tribes call the mount “tepui” which translates to the House of Gods. The mount is the source of many local legends. The Pemon and Kapon tribes which originate from Gran Sabana in Venezuela consider that the mount is the trunk of an ancient tree from where all the fruits and vegetables found in the world flourish and spread around by sea which once surrounded this legendary tree.

When their lands had been taken over by Makunaima tribes the tree had been cut, which in their culture provoked the big flood. Besides many other legends, others believe that this had been the work of aliens due to its unnatural shape.

The mount has also served as inspiration for many movie producers as well as writers. For example, the mount played an important role in the book Lost Worlds by Arthur Conan Doyle and it was even the inspiration for the world within the movie Avatar.

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