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rom ancient times’ historical records and from the fossils we have unearthed, we know that large birds have roamed this Earth for millions of years. But what most people are not aware of is that such large species are still around us, living and breathing even to this day and the perfect example of that is the Harpy Eagle.

Many internet users were shocked to see a picture of this enormous bird, and many thought it was a digitally altered image, while others thought a person had been dressed as an animal. However, thousands were astounded to learn that the creature in question actually exists and is known as the harpy eagle.

Considered one of the largest bird species still alive, many of the specimens grew to be the size of a fully grown human adult. It can reach 6.5 feet in a wingspan and weighs between four to 20 pounds (the female doubles the weight of the male). Its claws are enormous, they can expand more than 5 inches and be larger than the human hand.

Male Harpy Eagles are half the size of Female specimens (Source: Reddit)

Its native environment is the rainforest, and it is commonly found there as well as in parts of Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. The harpy eagle is known for its carnivorous diet and its ability to carry up to 70% of its own weight. Their primary prey includes animals like sloths, coatis, and monkeys.

This is what makes the Harpy Eagle such a fearsome predator, that it tends to go for prey that is twice its own size and with such big and sharp claws there is no doubt that this predator is more than capable to go for large prey.

Although they can live between 25 and 35 years (some reach 40), these birds are in danger of extinction because, according to experts, they are repeatedly hunted by poachers who pursue their feathers, despite the fact that they are a protected species.

It is really sad to see that so many birds are going extinct, especially in this period of time when the peak is being reached. The World was once populated with approximately 50,000 different species of birds. Now, we are below 10,000 and counting.

Be aware of the Harpy Eagle, as this predator is always on the look for big prey.

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