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ince medieval times, pets have been treated at the same level as the royalties who adopted them. Being taken care of as if they are multimillionaires or some very important entity. Gunther IV is no exception, considered by people magazine to be the world’s richest animal in history. With an estimated net of $500 million dollars, Gunther IV is richer than most people on this planet, but how or better said where did he get all this money from?

Richer than most Humans

Gunther IV inherited all of his money from his grandfather Gunther III who was also a german shepherd. In 1992 Gunther III inherited around $80 million from his late owner, the German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. Being a royalty of German heritage does not come as surprise to bring a lot of financial muscle. Countess Liebenstein didn’t have any children or relatives to give her wealth to, so her pet (Gunther III) came the closest thing to a relative.

Since the death of Countess Liebenstein, Carla Riccitelli has been assigned as one of Gunther IV’s main caretakers who manages all of his inherited money. A corporation was created named “The Gunther Corporation” to ensure the welfare of the dog. Besides all the money he had inherited from his grandfather, Gunther III, he also inherited a mansion in Miami that used to be owned by Madonna, bought for $7 million. Interestingly enough, the mansion was sold by the corporation for a whopping $31 million in 2021.

From when Gunther IV inherited the money from his grandfather, the corporation has been looking to invest all the money in order to produce a profit. Although Gunther IV is a very casual German shepherd who loves running after cars and chasing cats, he lives a very opulent lifestyle, being taken on holidays via private jets and being served food cooked by a team of personal chefs.

Gunther IV enjoying a fly on his own private jet (Source: Public Domain)

Riccitelli has always been an animal lover with a true passion for the well-being of the Gunther lineage within the royal family. For almost 30 years she ensured each dog that they live the best life they possibly could. Once the corporation had expanded, she established the Gunther Rescue program where animals that need a home are taken to live with Gunther. Gunther loves having other animals around but still has to learn to live with cats in the same house.

In the last 20 years, the Gunther Corporation has managed to transform that initial $100 million dollar fund into $500 million by using the assets left behind by Countess Liebenstein. The company has also invested in other directions, such as the football team AC Pisa from Italy or the production of a show named The Burdgudians.

In 2001, Gunther along with two of his staff showed up at a high-dollar auction in northern Italy. He even successfully bid on a $1.1 million truffle. Gunther also has around-the-clock security. The lavish lifestyle had even brought a lot of questions within the media within the past, some saying that the Gunther lineage has been created to hide something much deeper and more secretive that is producing this wealth.

To whom exactly the wealth will go next once Gunther IV passes is still not known. It is presumed that all the money will stay within the company and it will continue to rescue animals and build more wealth.

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