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espite technological advancements, our world is not getting better as we realize that each passing day brings us closer to our own extinction. The Sixth mass extinction has already begun and there are plenty of academic papers presenting hard facts of how the world is slowly, but surely coming to an end. Scientists are so sure of it that they have started constructing a black box to record our own extinction if someone or something was to come and visit this doomed planet in the future.

People say that a mass extinction is improbable, but those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it and our human species seems to become more stupid in this sense. The most important thing in history is the traces that are left back by our ancestors. If tomorrow were to be the last day of the human species, would it not be a good idea to leave a trace of our existence?

This is what a group of people that have analyzed previous events where the existence of humanity has been put at risk has come up with. They are sure that a “doom’s day” is inevitable, but the question is when will it happen and how to record the catastrophic event?

Ready for Catastrophe?

Earth’s Black Box is a project that started this year in accordance with the University of Tasmania, marketing agency Celemnger BBDO and creative agency the Glue Society. The concept of a black box comes from airplanes that use this “indestructible” technology to record every technical aspect within a plane, especially before a crash. Experts use the data to understand what caused the crash.

The people behind this project aren’t sure if there will be any experts to analyze our extinction, but at least compared to previous ancient civilizations, we will live something more than just ruins of cities and statues. The black box is created to be almost indestructible from any sort of catastrophe that would hit this earth such as nuclear warfare or even armageddon. Within this 10-meter-by-4-meter-by-3-meter steel, monolith records hundreds of different data sets that are used to analyze the overall health of our planet.

The black box is made to function for eternity with state-of-the-art technology and solar panels that are based on the ideology of global warming ending this planet, it should always have a constant source of natural energy to record whatever “doomsday” may look like for humanity.

Earth’s Black Box is trying to provide an unbiased account of the events that will eventually lead to the demise of humanity and with it probably this planet. Some people have criticized this project as rather than trying to come up with solutions for the problems that will bring this planet to an end the resources are used to record its end. As mentioned by experts, science can go far, but if it is not supported by everyone inhabiting this planet it will never make a difference.

Is this the last cry for help?

Some people have said that this may just be a PR stunt that is trying to promote the imminent dangers of climate change in the hopes that people would act by changing their life habits. Some of the information presented on the website surely would make some people think:

How the story ends is completely up to us. Only one this is certain, your actions, inactions, and interactions are now being recorded.”

The truth is that we should not hope for a scientific breakthrough that would be able to reverse the process of global warming. It is truly up to us as the inhabitants of this planet to make a change towards a more positive lifestyle that does not affect the health of our planet. The project is expected to be finished later in 2022 and placed around the west coast of Tasmania.

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