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reading the title of this article you would think that this village has a very unique tradition of sacrificing human kidneys, but the truth is quite different and sadder. Hokse is a small village found in the eastern part of Nepal. The country is known as being one of the poorest in Asia per capita and it is definitely justified by the drastic measures some people take to survive.

So poor that most of the villagers in Hokse have sold their kidneys on the black market.

What they do with the money they receive by selling their kidneys is buy a piece of land in which they try to grow vegetables and survive. The problem is that in many cases these people don’t even receive their money from organ traffickers or if they do they receive much less than the black market price.

A controversial situation caused by poverty

These people have been born in poverty with no opportunities to evolve towards a better quality of life. As there isn’t much work around most of them have to sell a kidney to keep their family fed. The black market for kidneys has become a profitable industry with more than 650 million U.S. dollars in profits per year.

These organ traffickers work in a global organization and they focus especially on countries that are facing major poverty. As you may have seen in the news they usually pray on innocent people by kidnapping them and forcefully removing their kidneys, whereas in Hokse everyone is willing to do it for some money.

In 2007, the Nepalese government put a ban on kidney donations in exchange for money, but this only opened up the market for organ traffickers. It is estimated that over 10,000 procedures take place per year.

There isn’t an exact price set for kidneys on the black market, but it is something between $30,000 -$70,000 for one kidney. Now don’t imagine that this is what those who donate get, it is not even close.

This mother of four sold her kidney for only $1,500 (Source: CNN)

A single mother of four children was persuaded by organ traffickers to donate her kidney for only $1,500. These people are so desperate that they don’t have a choice and it is not like you can negotiate with organ traffickers.

A worldwide problem

Don’t imagine that this only happens in the village of Hokse or just in Nepal. Organ trafficking is a worldwide issue that is becoming more predominant. The issue is also affected by more and more people that are below the poverty line who are persuaded by this idea.

In this case, it is the fault of the Nepalese government and other governments of other poor countries which do not help these poor people to lift themself to a more stable life.

As to stopping organ traffickers, that is a whole other challenge that is difficult in itself as this is a global criminal organization that is built upon the high value of human organs.

Although the human body is able to live with only one kidney, it is recommended that medical checkups are often done as health problems can occur. The villagers of Hokse are aware of that but they simply do not have the money for medical checkups.

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