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salm 86 is a lovely prayer written by David in which he shows his faith in God’s mercy, goodness, and greatness. It is a prayer full of humility, trust, and devotion, and it is a great example of how we should approach God when we need help or guidance in our life. In this post, we will look at the ideas and structure of Psalm 86, as well as how we might apply what we learn to our lives today.

Psalm 86’s theme is David’s request for God’s assistance and direction in times of distress. David begins by requesting that God hear his prayer, and then he recounts his need for God’s assistance. He begs God to protect him, to be gracious to him, and to deliver him from his enemies. David also recognizes God’s greatness and kindness, as well as his goodness and constancy.

Structure of Psalm 86

Psalm 86 is broken into three sections:

  • David’s cry for assistance (verses 1-7)
  • David’s declaration of God’s majesty (verses 8-10)
  • David’s final request for assistance and advice (verses 11-17)

Each section of the Psalm has a distinct tone and focus, but when combined, they constitute a beautiful and unified prayer.

Lessons from Psalm 86

  1. We must approach God with humility and faith. David opens his prayer by admitting his need for God’s assistance and kindness. We should do the same, acknowledging our reliance on God’s grace and provision.
  2. We should give thanks to God for his magnificence and mercy. David expresses his gratitude to God for his goodness, loyalty, and magnificence. We should also give God thanks for who he is and what he has done in our lives.
  3. We should seek God’s assistance and direction. David’s prayer is a request for God’s assistance and direction in difficult circumstances. When we are in a difficult position, we should also seek God for help and wisdom.
  4. We must have faith in God’s faithfulness and benevolence. Even in the midst of adversity, David demonstrates faith in God’s faithfulness and goodness. We should have faith in God’s character and promises, knowing that he is constantly with us and will never abandon or forsake us.

David’s plea in Psalm 86 is a wonderful one in which he displays his humility, trust, and devotion to God. It teaches us essential lessons about how to approach God, praise him, and beg for his assistance and guidance when we are in distress. May we be inspired to draw closer to God and to believe in his goodness and faithfulness in our lives as we study and ponder on this Psalm.

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