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all agree, give or take a few years, that Black Africans exited Africa 60,000 years ago, spreading all over the world, and as Winston Churchill said, “History is always written by the Victors,” so we are now focusing on Orally passed down stories, Linguistics, Archaeoastronomy and Symbols to reveal the truth. One truth playing out in the movie theaters now is that after the schooner Clotilda arrived in Mobile, Alabama, and transferred the captives to a riverboat in July 1860, Clotilda’s captain, William Foster, burned and scuttled the ship to hide evidence of his illicit trade, Dr. Delgado said. This is less than 100 years before we made it to the moon and more than 50 years after the 1808 law prohibited by the punishment of death to bring any more slaves into the United States of America.

What is the truth we have discovered today and that we have told more in detail here earlier? First that one tribe of Black African Homo Sapiens made it up to above the Arctic Circle in today’s Karelia region of Finland on what then was a mostly ice-covered island to be known later as Ultima Thule, 52,000 years ago. And also another such tribe made it up to the Indian Himalayas 50,000 years ago, with the total earth having more or less been habited by Homo Sapiens 40,000 years ago.

We also know in Africa the oldest dated functional bone tool of Lebombo discovered in South Africa is 43,000 years old, that there were professional mining activities in Africa 30,000 years ago, and further that 20,000 years ago, the Ishango bone was discovered at the “Fisherman Settlement” of Ishango in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This ishango bone tool was a mathematical device that featured a sharp piece of quartz affixed to one end with engravings which have led many to speculate the meaning behind these marks, including interpretations like mathematical significance or with astrological relevance of serving as a lunar calendar.

This corresponds to their Karelia Finnic Homo Sapiens cousins above the Arctic circle, due to high protein intake resulting from darkness and cold climate, 26,000 years ago inventing the first Proto-Finnic-Sanskrit (PFS) liturgical rote language observing the cosmic above where the North Pole Atlas star could be seen, then migrating south 19,000 years ago arriving in Tibet and India 18,000 years ago, where there Dravidian Homo Sapiens Cousins had engaged in trading proven by seal stones discovered.

The next major climate event would be the Antarctic Cold Reversal 14,500 to 13,000 years ago that in 13,000 years ago would caused havoc of major proportions all over the earth, starting in South and also  America with flooding and Tsunamis, in Europe with the sinking of Doggerland, making Britain lose its land connection to Europe, flooding in China where the earlier primitive presence of 43,000 years ago was replaced with new more advanced immigration – and of course the major one of all – the destruction of the First 5,000-year-old Vedic Civilization (18,000-13,000 Years ago) built by Dravidians and Finnic Aryans, on Seven islands outside the outlets of Saraswati and Ghaggar rivers in the Arabian Sea, where the first Jewish tribes originated, according to Plato and Aristotle. Called in the Koran the name of “Land of Eden in India” and by Plato, “Atlantis” after the Atlas North Star.

What then happened in Africa 20,000 years ago before 13,000 years ago is where our focus is, and more work needs to be done, but we do know that still in the 19th century, a map called today the Atlantic Ocean, the Aethiopian Ocean, and other old documents used Aethiopia for all Sub-Saharan and even total Africa before the term Africa much later replaced it.

The Romans would name it Africa either from the Latin word for sunny or hot, “Aprica” or more likely from the Greek word “A-phrike,” without cold, but it could also have been from the Berbers in northern Tunisia and Morocco already since 12,000 years ago whom Romans called “Afer” or “If” or the region they called “Afri” with the land of Afri people Terra Afri.

Let’s start with The Sahara and the 24,000-year Milankovich climate cycle caused by our planet wobbling on its axis since the Himalayas were created 55 million years ago; that takes the Sahara from lush rainforest to desert and back within those 24,000 years, with some extra swings during this Antarctic Cold Reversal as we referenced above before 13,000 years ago.

The Sahara is vast, covering about a third of the continent of Africa. From the Atlantic to the Red Sea, it sprawls across 4,800km, and from its southern to its northern limit is a distance of some 1,800km. 

It’s a “continent within a continent,” with its own mountain ranges, plains, dunes, valleys, and volcanic craters. And it once had a River flowing through.

It was a land of tropical savannah and grassland, with lakes and rivers filled with an abundance of life.

North Africa was nearly completely vegetated during the height of the African Humid Period (AHP) and populated with nomadic hunter-gatherer communities as well as pastoralists with cattle, sheep, and goats.

Towards the end of the African Humid Period 6,000 years ago, the progressive desiccation of the region led to a widespread depopulation and abandonment of North African sites. These populations did not disappear, however. The large-scale exodus coincided with the rise of sedentary life and pharaonic culture along the Nile River with its perennial water source and the spread of pastoralism throughout the continent.

Map showing the early (pre-LGM) dispersal of Homo sapiens, 200,000 to 32,000 years ago (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

With AHP ending 8,000 years ago (6,000 BCE) on a 24,000-year Milankovich cycle, it’s fair to assume the dry season to end 6,000 CE, 4,000 years from now – but more important for our determination of African civilization, the previous AHP started 20,000 years ago and Aethiopia 18,000 years ago was a green powerful place interacting 5,000 years with the First Vedic Civilization until the Great Flood 13,000 years ago.

Thus like if Eden / Atlantis was New York of its days, 18,000-13,000 the cities of Aksum with Adulis, Meroë, and Kerma, were the London, Paris, Athens, and Rome of their time where the literati people would escape the flood by migrating to, while Memphis, Luxor, Damascus, and Cairo being more like Los Angeles later rising to prominence.

The common-sense conclusion is the famous Nile Pharaonic Civilization was Black African before becoming tanned Semitic Arabic. 

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