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ccording to the agency, the number of people injured there has risen to 37,011, and more than 79,000 people are involved in search and rescue activities on the Turkish side of the border. With Syria’s death toll reaching 2,470, the total number of persons killed in the disaster stands at 8,704 and is expected to rise during the day. Here are some photos that have been taken before and after the Earthquake to see just how devastating the natural phenomenon has been.

Block in Syria before and after the Earthquake (Source: Instagram/Pubity)

The world has been devastated by what has happened and with these pictures, it sort of understands the magnitude of the situation.

Before and After photos taken by Drone (Source: Instagram/Pubity)

According to the Red Cross organization, an estimated 23 million people have been impacted by this Earthquake including Syria and Turkey.

Gaziantep Castle (Source: Instagram/Pubity)

Apart from all the unfortunate death provoked by this natural phenomenon, many historical sites have been demolished to the ground, the biggest loss being the Gaziantep Castle which was over 2,000 years old.

Drone overview of Destroyed buildings (Source: Instagram/Pubity)

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