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hose who try to guess the future are usually given the nickname Nostradamus as per the famous French astrologer from the 16th century who predicted many modern events that have occurred since. From the start of the Great War to the creation of the atomic bomb and many other significant historical events, Nostradamus mentioned many of them in a book which he published in 1555 entitled “Les Propheties”, The prophecies translated from French. Within the book, he also managed to guess the age and date that Queen Elizabeth II would pass away, many centuries before being even born.

Publisher Mario Reading who had edited the original book and published a copy in 2005 entitled “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future” pointed out the most significant predictions for the 21st century, one of the more significant onces apart from 9/11 was the exact age Queen Elizabeth II would die, which was 96.

“Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around 96,”

according to the Nostradamus expert
Nostradamus (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

What is interesting is since this piece of news came out, the book has become a best-seller overnight, despite being published many years ago. Nostradamus used astrology to predict different events in the future. The exact method used is still quite unclear, but quite a handful of his predictions have come to be true and this is one of the more accurate ones as he gives two exact numbers: the year “2022” when the death occurred as well as the age “96”.

There are many people that see the book as very controversial and not trustworthy, it is quite a coincidence of how someone from almost 500 years ago managed to guess so many important events which have changed the world forever.

The “Mirabilis liber” of 1522, an anthology of prophecies from well-known seers of the day, was one of the key sources utilized for his most renowned book, “The Prophecies,” while Richard Roussat’s “Livre de l’estat et mutations des times” served as the foundation for his astrological allusions. It is said that a lot of his predictions were actually based on events from the past which had already occurred before 1955.

Although the idea of Nostradamus as a prophet with the uncanny capacity to foretell the future has remained since the 16th century, researchers today think that he really had the ability to project past events into the future rather than a supernatural ability to see into the hereafter. Nostradamus was neither an astrologer nor a seer; rather, he only held the belief that history will repeat itself, according to Peter Lemesurier, a former Cambridge linguist and professional translator who has produced at least 10 volumes on the mysterious figure. Nostradamus claimed to have randomly chosen passages from previous sources using the method known as bibliomancy, which dates back to the time of the Bible, and then utilized astrological calculations to predict its occurrence in the future.

The controversy behind his work as an astrologist did not only come from the criticism received by his contemporaries, but also due to his prophecies being used as propaganda during the Second World War. Nostradamus has made also some interesting predictions for the year 2023, such as another Great War as well as the creation of new world order. However only time can tell.

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