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you are someone who believes that there is something out there, this would be of great interest and even if you don’t believe in life beyond this Earth, it is still worth your attention. This space is simply too vast for only a single planet to house life and this is why many people believe in extraterrestrials. Many theories have been developed over the years, but new ones are about to be unveiled in the brand-new season of Truth Hunter.

There are so many mo theories to discuss and other pieces of evidence that have come to light in this period of time, which makes this season to be really anticipated by prior viewers, as well as new ones.

Award-winning investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe has spent her life hunting the truth about ET activity and government cover-ups. Season two of Truth Hunter features a series of exclusive interviews with Tim from Germany, a tactical advisor with covert projects on ET contact. Linda brings to light details you may have never heard about prominent UFO cases and extraterrestrial contacts. Join Linda and Tim to find the truth behind ET interactions with humans over time.

Linda Moulton Howe is an American investigative journalist and Regional Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker best known for her work as a ufologist and advocate of a variety of conspiracy theories, including her investigation of cattle mutilations and the conclusion that they are performed by extraterrestrials.

Tim is a tactical advisor and analyst within a covert sector of the German government working to understand the missions and strategies of non-human intelligence on our planet, in this solar system, and beyond. Tim describes his direct contact experiences with more than 10 different extraterrestrial species, specializing in information based upon over 100 face-to-face meetings with the Greys. Through his experiences, Tim gained information on a conglomerate of ETs working with timeline manipulation, genetic seeding, and historic intergalactic conflicts. Connecting with a collective consciousness he refers to as “Being 6″ on an interfrequential level, Tim reveals perspectives into the mysteries of our universe from different densities of reality.

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