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look at thunder or lightning from the sky as if it is something more than just a natural phenomenon. This divine power which has been very well defined by scientists over the years still has a few mysteries behind it. Could this be a natural phenomenon powerful enough to produce life on Earth?

New research from this year by Benjamin L. Hess, Sandra Pizolo, and Jason Harvey from the University of Yale shows signs that lightning strikes may have played a major role in the creation of life on Earth. As humans, it is natural to have this curiosity about how life began on our home planet and despite other beliefs, this may be the closest scientific proof of the appearance of life on Earth.

How would that exactly work?

When lightning strikes the ground hitting rich soil it forms a mineral fulgurite. The important resource within this mineral formed is a phosphor which is a key element to the production of organic matter. Of course, for organic matter to be produced you need a massive quantity of phosphor which leads to the theory of a number of thunder discharges took place on Earth around 3.5 billion years ago.

With so many discharges, enough phosphor was produced to increase the chances of all the elements for the formation of life to come together. Besides phosphorus, there is a need for other elements such as:

  • Magnesium
  • Carbon
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Sulfur
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Now, you may be understanding why you see these names very often on the packages of food products. Our bodies require them in order to maintain themselves. They have created life so every life form needs these to maintain the organism alive.

Who helped make this cocktail of life?

Benjamin and the rest of his research team have taken into consideration the possibility that phosphor already existed on Earth within a mineral called schreibersite. However, even schreibersite is considered to not have originated on Earth but to be chunks from meteorites that fell on Earth billions of years ago and have since been topped with soil, the reason why you have to mine this mineral today.

Some skeptics from this field consider that meteorites containing schreibersite were sent to Earth intentionally to create life.

On the other hand, the researchers admit that meteorites were not a common sight billion of years ago and that they only became a more common sight around 500 million years ago. Using different spectroscopic imaging techniques the researchers unveiled that schreibersite was also found in fulgurite or produced when rich soil was hit by lightning, therefore denying any theories that the production of life was influenced by other already existing lifeforms.

Based on some estimations a computer module calculated that since the creation of Earth around one to five billion lightning strikes occurred every year, a lot more compared to present times where we get around 560 million lightning strikes per year.

All it took was for a lighting strike to hit a place where all the elements were required to create a simple form of life mix. It is said that the first form of life was Prokaryotes, which were simple creatures that fed on carbon compounds and were living in water, and evolved using the Sun’s energy or otherwise known as Vitamine D.

What is even more interesting is that this phenomenon which may have started life on our planet could take place as you read this on other planets within our universe. It is possible that other types of lifeforms can be created with the mixture of other elements that exist only on other planets.

Although, as far as all of the plausible theories about extraterrestrial life go, I am a true believer that this huge universe has been created for us to populate, and with that said this is only the beginning of humanity. Hopefully one day we will reach peace through unification and equality through balance.

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