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eople see Steven Hawkings or Albert Einstein as the leading Geniuses to have walked this Earth, at least during the 20th century. Truth be told there is one person who surpasses their IQ and their overall intellect. Kim Ung-Yong from South Korea is a name that has rarely been heard, as he does not really appear in the public. Most of his life he spent it with his head in the books.

Born on March 8, 1962, Kim seemed like a special child. Since a very young age, Kim had showcased amazing cognitive and intellectual abilities. He understood differential calculus at less than 2 years old, and mastered it at 4 years old, at the same age he could read 4 languages. His IQ was estimated to be around 210, and from age 5 to 8 he attended university physics classes.

Kim Ung Yong, the child prodigy considered the most intelligent child in the world (Source: Public Domain)

This is the real-life “Little Sheldon”, but on steroids. Not only is he considered the most intelligent person in the world, but he was also considered the most intelligent child to have ever walked on this Earth. Having a child not only able to read and write complex grammatical but also ace complex mathematical questions is out of this world.

In 1967 when Kim was only 5 years old, he appeared on Fuji Television in Japan and shocked the audience with his ability to solve complex mathematical equations that most people in the audience were not able to. At the age of 8, Kim went to study nuclear physics at the University of Colorado, however, some sources say that this is just a rumor.

His vast intelligence and high IQ made NASA very interested in his abilities and therefore hired him. Kim was assigned to solve mathematical equations such as the amount of fuel required for a rocket to make it into space whilst taking into consideration multiple factors.

He has worked as an assistant professor at National Chungbuk University since 2007. On March 14, 2014, he was appointed vice president of the North Kyeong-gi Development Research Center and was promoted to associate professor at Shinhan University.

Now an adult, Kim Ung-Yong is a professor at Chungbuk University in South Korea. (Source: Public Domain)

Many people have criticized Kim, saying that he is a failed genius because he did not use his intelligence to make new discoveries or inventions.

Some think people with high IQs can be omnipotent, but that’s not true. Look at me, I have no musical talent, nor do I excel in sports. […] Society should not judge anyone with one-sided standards – everyone has different levels of learning, hopes, talents and dreams and we should respect that.

Kim Ung-Yong

Kim claims that when he was four years old, he took an IQ test for children that was typically given to seven-year-olds and received a score of 200. His assertion, however, was never supported.

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