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ultures and nations become established in time. Through the social network of knowledge sharing, people with similar interests and beliefs are brought together to form communities. This is how ancient nations have formed and how existing nations have reformed over history. What many people aren’t aware of is that the countries that are currently at war (Ukraine, Russia, and potentially Belarus) have flourished from the same exact nation.

I presume that most of them have forgotten about Kievan Rus, the political federation that formed during the 9th century, thanks to which modern nations such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus have been created. Although speculated to have been in the works since 750 AD, the historical records show that 862 was the official year the medieval political federation formed.

Before its formation, pre-Viking- age Scandinavians settled in the town of Staraya Ladoga, located at the time in Northwestern Russia, today located in Finland. These Scandinavians were very much attracted by the Islamic currency named dirhams, due to the trade that was taking place from Russia to Scandinavia. As most of the traders came originally from Islamic countries, they preferred to deal in their own currency.

The formation of Kievan Rus

Around 840, Scandinavian Vikings were referred to in East Europe as “Varangians” or the less common term used “Rus”. This new land in which the community of Scandinavian Vikings began to flourish and whilst peacefully coexisting with the locals it started to expand. Most of the Viking tribes at the time had been brought together to form a bigger nation that would occupy its own land for good. Vikings were known as explorers and invaders, but they needed something more sustainable.

Before the formation of Kevan Rus, the land which was to become this great nation was divided into three parts which were ruled by three noble brothers from the Viking bloodline. Izborsk region was ruled by Truvor, Beloozero region was ruled by Sineus, and Novgorod was ruled by Rurik. In 862 all of these regions would come together to form Kievan Rus which only controlled modern-day Belarus and a bit of Ukraine.

An old historian, known as Nestor the Chronicler had written a book called Primary Chronicle which was published in 1113 that foretold in great detail the formation and expansion of Kievan Rus. The formation of this great nation followed what we call the peak of Eastern Europe in the Medieval Era. Kievan Rus expanded over the years, conquering the modern-day territories of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Map of 10th Century Europe representing the expansion of Kievan Rus (Source: Freemanpedia)

At the start of the 13th century, Kievan Rus has reached its peak, controlling a very large portion of Eastern Europe. Nations still didn’t really implement the use of Capitals, but would you know where the capital of Kievan Rus was located? It’s in modern-day Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The name was inspired by this old nation that almost came to an end in 1240 when Genghis Khan started the Mongolian Invasion.

In 1290, at the end of the Mongolian Invasion, people from Kievan Rus started to push back the Mongolians with the support of other nations that inhabited Eastern Europe in the late medieval era. Although Kievan Rus had claimed its land back from the Mongolians, it has lost a lot of troops as well as people in the war, leading to also a loss in the land over time as they didn’t have the necessary military capabilities to keep invaders away.

The nation of Kievan Rus came to an end with Ivan III who took control in 1547. The original region of Novgorod was transformed into Russia, later to become the state of Prussia. The rest that was left of Kievan Rus was split into two other nations, Ukraine and Belarus. The same bloodline which was kept for over 400 years had been split up.

Today Kievan Rus is at War

On the second day into the 2022 Ukrainian-Russian war, brothers that have flourished from the same blood and lived on the same land as one are now killing each other because of political interests. Presidents are blinded by political interests and forget to look into the history of nations, one that has not only brought together a great nation but played an important role in the preservation of the Viking culture.

Some historians may argue that even when Kievan Rus was broken, it had happened from the Russian counterparts, but at the end of the day, they were all one another. These two nations at the heart of their cultures have no difference whatsoever. They follow the same religion, eat the same food, and have been speaking the same language.

In Medieval times wars were started mainly to invade other nations based on their cultural differences or religious beliefs. Today, all wars have a financial incentive behind them which is usually hidden by political philosophy. Humanity has reached a point where it does not care about kind, color, culture, or beliefs. It only cares about its own interest.

This is a very general ideology, I have met great people and others that have been very unkind to me. However, do keep in mind that the bloodshed that is occurring in Ukraine in this present time is not between enemies, but brothers that are forced by their own countries to kill each other.

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