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hroughout history, there have been many different cultures and religions specifying a certain “end of the world” scenario accompanied by a date. We have passed many of those dates without anything happening, the most recent being 2012 which was considered in the Mayan calendar as the last day for humanity. There is an extensive list of various end-of-the-world scenarios presented by different cultures most of which have been written Before Christ.

What all those scenarios have in common is that they are based on beliefs and none come with a resounding reason as to why exactly the world will come to an end. Every event that had been sort of predicted within modern history was only with the use of mathematics which is also arguably the tool for our technological evolution. The reason I bring this up is that there is an “end of the world” theory that is not based on beliefs but on mathematics.

The person who came up with this theory is none other than Isaac Newton, one of the biggest mathematicians in history. Besides being famous for creating the basic laws of physics that have become the pillars of modern science, he was also the one to create calculus, something that we use every day.

Why 2060?

Apocalyptic calculations regarding the year 2060 (Source: The National Library of Israel)

The theory is not an old legend, but actually written down on a piece of paper by Issac Newton and dated 1704. Newton is notoriously known for writing his works on lost pieces of paper that would always get lost, this may be one of the reasons this specific piece of paper was preserved and discovered hundreds of years later.

Besides the mathematical equations at the bottom of the page, there are 7 points that simplify the reason as to why the world will end in 2060. It was not just maths, but a basis on the Book of Daniel that had led him to reach this theory. For those who may not be aware, the Book of Daniel (also known as The Prophecy of Daniel) is the oldest testament in Christianity that focuses on the very first steps of humanity from a religious perspective. The book also has a strong focus on the biblical apocalypse and how this may happen.

Those who have read the Book of Daniel would very much so understand how Newton came up with the theory, but I think that what he had written on the paper also does a good job at explaining in very simple terms:

The information taken from Newton’s notes.

Prop. 1. The 2300 prophetick days did not commence before the rise of the little horn of the He Goat.

2. Those day [sic] did not commence a[f]ter the destruction of Jerusalem & ye Temple by the Romans A.[D.] 70.

3. The time times & half a time did not commence before the year 800 in wch the Popes supremacy commenced

4. They did not commence after the re[ig]ne of Gregory the 7th. 1084

5. The 1290 days did not commence b[e]fore the year 842.

6. They did not commence after the reigne of Pope Greg. 7th. 1084

7. The diffence [sic] between the 1290 & 1335 days are a parts of the seven weeks.

Therefore the 2300 years do not end before ye year 2132 nor after 2370.

The time times & half time do n[o]t end before 2060 nor after [2344]

The 1290 days do not begin [this should read: end] before 2090 [Newton might mean: 2132] nor after 1374 [sic; Newton probably means 2374]

Now there is a lot to digest for those that do not have a good grasp of Christianity. First of all, the term “end of the world” has many meanings in this world, but what Newton means by the end of the world is something different from what most people refer to as the end of the world. Most people define it as the end of existence or the end of our humanity where we all die.

The “end of the world” that Newton is referring to in this theory based on the Book of Daniel is that this will be when Jesus will come back and bring peace to this world by being the ruler for a whole millennium. Jesus would burn all of those that have corrupted Christianity for their own personal gain and teach us all to live in harmony. Those that oppose him will face his wrath and those who embrace him will face his love.

Based on Newton’s beliefs and maths, the world will end 1260 years from the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was founded in the year 800, so if you do the math you will see that it adds up. I believe that the reason why the formation of the Holy Roman Empire was chosen can be found in the Book of Daniel.

Science and Religion

This brings me back to one of the oldest arguments on this Earth, that science and religion do not go hand in hand, but then why the biggest scientific mind in history believes in religion? I have debated the correlation between science and religion in one of my previous articles, showing that even Albert Einstein believed very much so in religion.

In this theory, we have a combination between maths and religion, Newton’s prophetic calculations really depict his mentality by showing not only showing belief in both science and religion, but seeing them come together like two things that can complement each other. It had been described by many contemporary critics from the 17th century that Newton’s scientific work is too ahead of its time, as those who would read it felt like reading an actual prophecy about a world which only seemed like fantasy to them as they were not able to comprehend it.

For most scientists, religion may seem like a fantasy because they haven’t taken the time to study it in depth. So it goes for extremist religious people that do not believe in science nor technology. It is simply a vicious cycle where people shut themselves in their own beliefs without caring to listen to a different perspective.

Is Newton Right?

Is Newton right about this theory? Only time will tell, but most of the work that has been done by Newton on a theoretical basis as much as practical correct, and plausible which makes me believe that Newton is right.  Even the first generation AI in a project from MIT in 1973 had pointed out that based on our habits the world will come to some sort of an end this century.

Yes, we are evolving from a technological perspective, but when it comes to the social aspect, we are devolving as human beings. Most of us are forgetting what being a human being is about. If Jesus won’t come down to sort us out, then this world including all of its population will burn in one way or another during this century.

I am not referring to burn in hell’s fire, but burn from weapons of mass destruction. Thinking about it, maybe that is what the old testaments had referred to all along when they said to burn in the fires of hell. I myself like to believe in both science and religion even if I am not very religious. Once again, only time will tell, I just hope we will make it till 2060.

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