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To buy apartments for investment in Dubai Hills Estate is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save and increase your capital. Dubai is the most democratic city in the UAE, where foreign citizens are treated loyally.

Appeal of long-term investments

If you conduct a verified policy, taking into account the specifics of the legislation, then there is an opportunity to receive a considerably stable income. The landscaped residential area of Dubai Hills Estate is surrounded by self-sufficient infrastructure:

•   shopping malls;

•   golf courses;

•   parks and squares.

Many experts note that Dubai Hills Estate is one of the most attractive areas for buying real estate.

Dubai Hills Estate is located in the center of the extended MBR City district; the profitability indicator is higher compared to analogs. There is a high concentration of luxury real estate:

1. Apartments.

2. Penthouses.

3. Villas.

4. Townhouses.

In total, over 11,000,000 m2 have been allocated for construction. The development and implementation of the community are carried out by one of the leading developers of the UAE, Emaar Properties, in cooperation with a large holding Meraas.

Unlocking potential: investment opportunities

A distinctive feature of Dubai Hills Estate is wide advertising to attract investors from other countries. It is obvious that such a policy is beneficial to the state, so there is an interest for investors to be confident in the safety of real estate and capital. Guaranteed at the same time:

1. Security on the part of the state.

2. Compliance with the law.

3. Various bonus and mortgage programs.

When the economy is booming, inflation is minimal and a liberal economic policy is being pursued by foreign investors, it always looks attractive.

To meet expectations, it is necessary to consult with specialists, to weigh all the circumstances.

Must-visit sites

There are many shopping centers in which prices are very low since many goods are not subject to customs duties.

Additionally, many tourists are interested in the history of this wonderful country. It is recommended visiting the sacred place of Dubai: the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is open to everyone. The huge domes and four minarets of the magnificent Muslim temple are the first things a traveler will see when crossing the strait over the bridge.

The famous mosque is named after the founder of the state: Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The design of the huge snow-white structure shows the motifs of Moorish and Iranian architecture. In total, there are 1,000 columns and more than 80 domes. The interior of the mosque impresses with its luxury:

1. A huge chandelier inlaid with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

2. A huge carpet of incredible beauty.

3. Luxurious wall decoration.

4. The yard has stolen a unique mosaic.

The Burj El Arab Hotel (“Sail”) is one of the tallest buildings, 321 meters is one of the brands of Dubai along with the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It is interesting to visit the recreation area at the very top.

Kids-friendly venues

One of the largest children’s parks in the world is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Legoland. For kids, this is a real gift; children will immerse themselves in a friendly atmosphere of creativity and entertainment. The park consists of four segments that have dozens of different attractions that can only be found here.

There is also a water park with pools and water slopes. When the weather is hot outside, a water park is the best entertainment. Lego is the most beloved among children all over the world; the park is designed by the algorithms of this amazing game. Families come here for the whole day; there is everything you need for a pleasant pastime for children and adults.


The aggregator Emirates.Estate has a complete database of all offers at low prices. Go to the electronic catalog, and see the information and benefits for investors. Every day new data is published – that may appeal to a potential buyer. Just make a step towards your dream residence!

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