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aving ancestral roots in another part of the world is an exciting prospect. You can imagine the thrill of discovering your extended family thousands of miles away. Going back to the roots and exploring your origins brings a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. The good thing is that many countries offer citizenship by descent, so you can consider joining your family sooner than later. But every country has a specific process according to its local laws. Italy offers citizenship by descent, and you can check Bersani Law Firm website for details. Let us explain the basics of reclaiming your ancestral roots overseas in the Italian context.

Start by tracing your roots

This one is a no-brainer because you need to trace your roots before claiming a right to citizenship by descent. With Italian citizenship, there are no generational limits, so you can claim through a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, or beyond. But the gender of your ancestor can make a difference. Although the Jure Sangiunis rule was originally discriminatory against women, the Italian government corrected the flaw by implementing the 1948 Rule. You cannot apply through the consulate process, but you may still get in with court proceedings.

Gather proof with paperwork

Tracing your roots is a good start, but you must have valid proof to establish it. Everything boils down to gathering paperwork such as certificates of birth, death, and marriage of your ascendant. You may have a tough time collecting them from local offices, specifically if the connection extends beyond generations. But you can seek help from a local citizenship expert in this context. Consider traveling to the country or letting the local immigration specialist handle the project for you.

Understand the process

Although citizenship by descent is a surefire way to get into the country with ancestral connections, you cannot expect it to be a breeze. You must understand the process before diving in. For example, claiming Italian citizenship by descent is not just about submitting an application at your local consulate with documents establishing your ancestral connections in the country. You must know the eligibility requirements and exceptions because they can be tricky.

Get realistic about timelines

Besides knowing the citizenship process, you must be realistic about the timelines. The process can take several months or even a year because of the extended queues at the consulates. You must take a fair approach rather than expecting a quick route to a second passport. But you can prevent delays due to errors or omissions in the paperwork or other steps by being watchful. Letting an expert handle the process is even better because they know the local laws and norms better than anyone else.

You will surely want to join your family at some point once you learn about your bloodline in another country. Consider yourself lucky if your ancestors hail from a country that offers citizenship by descent. Although the process may be pretty straightforward, hiring a local expert keeps you on the safe side because they make the journey smooth for you.

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