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he Private Safari In Tanzania Cost starts from $350 onwards (per person, per day). Some of the major things that are included in the Tanzania Private Safari Cost are accommodations and the types of private safari. If you want to have the perfect private Safari in Tanzania, then you should know all the Tanzania Safari Cost involvements. So, let’s take into consideration all the aspects and costs of a Tanzania Private Safari.

Typical Cost of a Private Safari

Usually, the price of Tanzania Private Safaris ranges from $350 to $800.
They are great for travelers who prefer a more secluded and exclusive safari experience. This type of safari has both set itineraries as well as tailor-made options. The number of travelers in a group will affect the cost of a private safari:
⦁ Each member in a group of 2 individuals will pay around $400 per day.
⦁ In a group of 4 individuals, each will pay about $300 per day.
⦁ Each member in a group of 6 individuals will pay about $250 per day.
Our Recommendation – If you’re traveling solo, you’re going to pay about $400 to $600 per day. Though the prices will be reduced if you visit in the low season.
There are also different categories of private safaris. They will vary in price. So, you should choose the option suited to your budget. Below are the five categories and options:
⦁ Option 1 – Economy – Typical costs start from $450, per person per day. Accommodations will be provided in simple tented camps or lodges.
⦁ Option 2 – Comfort – Average costs start from $500 onwards (per person, per day). You’ll be accommodated in semi-permanent tented camps or lodges.
⦁ Option 3 – Superior – Costs start from $570 onwards (per person, per day). The accommodation will be in semi-permanent camps or lodges.
⦁ Option 4 – Elegant – Prices range from $650 – $750. High-end lodges and camps will be the accommodation for visitors.
⦁ Option 5 – Luxury – Costs start from $800. Luxury lodges, resorts, and camps will serve as accommodation choices.
For example, the following is a day-wise glimpse into what a private safari experience will be:
⦁ A 3-night (4-day) private safari in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area can cost around $1500 (per person, per day).
⦁ A 5-night (6-day) private safari in the national parks of Northern Tanzania can cost about $2600 (per person, per day).
⦁ A 7-night (8-day) private safari in the Northern Circuit (including big five game drives and cultural tours) can cost around $3600 (per person, per day).
Our Recommendation – In case of more than 4 people in a safari vehicle, prices can be reduced up to 20% for each person. Also, children (under the age of 15) will have discounted costs.

Accommodation Cost For a Private Safari

There are many kinds of safari accommodations that are well-suited for people on a private safari. The following are some examples:
⦁ Dorm beds in hostels are a great choice if you’re on a private safari. The costs are from $5 to $35 per person, per night.
⦁ Private rooms in hostels are also an ideal choice. The prices range from $40 – $75 per person, per night.
⦁ Lodges for solo travelers on a private safari are available too. The costs start from $200 onwards, per person, per night.
⦁ If you’re going to be traveling in a group, lodges are a great option. A good example is Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge.
Some private lodges and camps are also suited for individuals on a private safari. Below are some recommendations:
Name of Accommodation Costs (in USD) per person, per day Rating
One Nature Nyaruswiga From $2000 onwards Luxury (5 – Star)
Manyara’s Secret From $550 onwards Mid-Range (4 – Star)
Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp From $550 onwards Luxury (5 – Star)

Our Recommendation – For people who love camping and nature, many camps are available. For example, campgrounds, tented camps, and mobile camps. They’re perfect if you want remoteness and exclusivity.

Season-Wise Cost Effects of a Private Safari

The season in which you choose to go for a private safari will affect the Tanzania Safari Cost. Below is a list mentioning the seasons and prices:
Season Private Camping Safari Costs (per person, per night) Mid-Range Private Safari Costs (per person, per day) Luxury Private Safari Costs (per person, per day)
Green Season (April to May) $250 – $400 $450 – $500 From $600 onwards
Low Season (January to March) $250 – $350 $500 – $600 From $900 onwards
Dry Season (June to October) $250 – $400 From $500 onwards From $1000 onwards

Our Recommendation – A visit during the green season will be more budget-friendly. But, the dry season is the optimal time for a Tanzania Safari. So, you should choose when to have a private safari based on your preferences.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Private Safari

Photos on Private Safari (Source: African Scenic Safaris)

The Tanzania Safari Cost varies based on some factors. Some of the factors that’ll affect the costs of private safaris include:
⦁ The size of the group.
⦁ Destinations you choose to visit.
⦁ The style of travel you choose.
Our Recommendation – African Scenic Safaris provide private safaris that already have established itineraries. But, we also offer tailor-made private safaris for your convenience. No matter which one you choose, both options will take into account your every need and preference.

Tailor- Made Private Safaris

The cost for tailor-made or custom-made private safaris starts from $300 onwards. You’ll get to choose how you go, where you go, and what you’ll do.
Below is a list of the type of tailor-made private safari and the cost implications:
Our Recommendation – For the best Tanzania Safari Prices, go with 5 or more members in your group. The costs will be less for bigger groups.

What Makes Private Safaris More Expensive Than Others?

Tanzania Private Safari Cost is determined by some factors like:
Type of Accommodation (Budget, Mid-Range, and Luxury) – Visitors who want a more private and luxurious experience will have to pay more for accommodations.
The Number Of Travellers – The price of a Tanzania Safari Package will be lower for a bigger group than for solo travelers. And, the locations you visit – the more locations you go to, the more prices are going to be.
The Vehicle Costs – as there will be more people in a safari vehicle in a group safari and fewer in a private safari. In this way, the Tanzania Safari Price will be higher.
Our Recommendation – The above factors make a private safari a bit more expensive than other types of safaris. But, the advantages and experiences that you’ll have on a private safari will outweigh the expenses.

Calculating the True Cost of a Tanzania Private Safari

A Tanzania Private Safari Cost ranges from $350 to $450 (per person, per day). You’ll stay in camps, hostels, or mid-range lodges. And, Luxury Private Tanzania Safari Cost start from $550 onwards (per person, per day). You can choose from either option according to your needs.
Now that you’re familiar with all the characteristics and cost indications of a Private Tanzania Safari, you can go to Tanzania without any hesitation. And enjoy a memorable private safari in Tanzania’s remote and exclusive regions.

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