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assachusetts Institute of Technology had always been world renown as the best university for engineers and informaticians. Even in it’s earlier days when technology wasn’t so developed, they came with some great inventions that we could say have revolutionized the present. However, some students were thinking ahead, more ahead then we would all think, to be more exact around 1000 years ahead when eventually humans would unlock all the necessary knowledge to understand anything.

During the 1950s and 1960s, MIT had some major events that in some ways redefined pre-contemporary education and brought rise to women having the same opportunities as men when it came to higher education. They really knew that education was the only way for a person to evolve and truly define their capabilities which could be used towards technological evolution as well as human evolution. This is why leaving something for future generations is so important.

An accidental discovery

The time capsule that is presented in the first picture was discovered in 2015 by mistake during the works for setting up a new nanotechnology laboratory. Apparently, this time-capsule was buried by President James R. Killian Jr and professor of electrical engineering Harold “Doc” Edgerton in 1957 with the label stating:

“Please do not open until 2957 A.D.”

According to MIT, the time capsule holds a letter from President Killian Jr. explaining in detail the objects inside the time capsule. The time capsule included documents of different scientifical theories and other technological devices from 1957. As well as the inclusion of some popular newspapers from the time, representing the most important current affairs of the 1950s. The objects were meant to be preserved for a very far and highly evolved civilization from the future in order for their (as well as our) generation to be remembered in some way.

Killian Jr. (left) and Edgerton burying the time capsule in 1957 (Source: MIT Archives)

One interesting item that stood out was something called “The Cryotron”. It is defined in the letter written by President Killian Jr. as an unknown electronic device that was invented in the 1950s by MIT’s Dudley Allen Buck and at the time looked to outdo the transistor as the future of computers.

The MIT time capsule from 1957 has a sort of similar design to the time capsule buried in 1939 during the New York World’s Fair which was scheduled to be opened in the next 5000 years. The design represents a durable glass that was specially made for such a long sleep in the form of a capsule.

Towards the future

It is said that MIT has sealed back the capsule and reburied it in a different place, whilst still remaining inside the campus of MIT. They also stated that they will make sure to keep better records of the time capsule in order to not “accidentally” build something over it, even if in a way that would offer the time capsule a much better shelter for it to last until 2957. Only God knows what the future will bring, but hopefully, humanity won’t end the world until 2957 or beyond.

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