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can argue that the Bible is one of the oldest physical records of history to represent the creation of the world and the birth of humanity. However, when it comes to how humans evolved, and most importantly, multiplied, the texts do a poor job at logically and chronologically showing how we got to be almost eight billion people from just our eldest ancestors based on these religious records, Adam and Eve.

The Bible tells us that God created the first man named Adam and from one of Adam’s ribs he created the woman named Eve. Adam and Eve fell in love and gave birth to their two sons, Cain and Abel. If that is the case, then how did they manage to keep reproducing?

Relevance Over Chronology

There are many different entries within the Bible that argue against the first statement, saying that Adam and Eve had more children than just Cain and Abel. At the same time, there are some statements that describe Cain simply meeting his wife, without having a more descriptive mention of Cain’s wife or her origin as a matter of fact.

Chapter five from Genesis represents the genealogical tree of Adam, where we are only told the name of the father and how many years he had lived. With the exception of Enoch, all the descendants of Adam have lived at least 800 years before the big flood, meaning that there must have been another woman for Adam’s sons to reproduce as there is no other way for Adam’s genes to have been carried down the lane.

This also means that Adam and Eve had time to give birth to many other children along the line, and a text within the Bible also states that Eve gave birth to sons as well as daughters, but very briefly and rarely mentioning this information.

If we compare chapter five to chapter four within Genesis, we can see that the Bible was not written in chronological order, but more in the order of events based on importance. This can be seen by how in chapter four Cain’s wedding is mentioned and only in chapter five are the daughters of Adam and Eve mentioned. Based on knowing that these were the first people on Earth, the only way to reproduce was incest between the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. So, it is very probable that Cain married one of his sisters in chapter four.

Reproduction Through Incest

Based on this the only logical ideology is that Adam and Eve did not have only two sons, but plenty of sons and daughters who married each other in order to reproduce. Now, you would say that incest goes against the Bible and Christianity as a whole, which it does, but at that time the Bible says that these souls, as the first ones to be given life were excused as there was no other way to reproduce.

On the other hand, if you think that the act of incest could create hereditary diseases, that would have been impossible as Adam and Eve were created perfectly healthy, and based on these historical records the world was free of viruses or diseases up until humans fell into bad vices.

What makes historians and some geologists question some of the statements made within the Bible is the strange order in which the events are presented. Most if not all books of all types are written in chronological order, not only because it is easier to understand, but it is also easier to write. For some reason, it seems that the story told within the Bible used to be more explicit and was somehow changed throughout history, which would be the reason for the gaps between the chapters.

It is not just about having the story told in a different manner, but also the referral to the wives of the first two sons Cain and Abel, as if the wives they married were just two unimportant strangers and not their sisters. A thought would be that whoever wrote the texts was trying to hide the fact that the reproduction of humanity took part by incest which would bring shame, but at the same time people should understand that this was the only way for humanity to reproduce.

Another perspective on the story represented by theologists is that Adam and Eve had so many children that it would take a whole library of books to describe the life of each. We need to realize that in the time of 800 years of life they had time to make children, especially knowing that they didn’t have other tasks that would be more important than reproducing.

The evolution of Adam’s genealogical tree got a bit lost in time as he started to have great-grandchildren. This isn’t something mentioned, but it is a logical connection that is made as the Bible states that the first humans ended up living even up to 1,000 years, once again explaining the fast levels of reproduction. I think these prolonged periods of human life were given by God to ensure that humans had enough time to reproduce and create a stable ecosystem.

This is why God “took” Enoch (the son of Cain) from Cain, to remind humanity that no matter how long you live, death will always catch up.

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