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have all heard so many different conspiracies within the CIA that we mostly think regard as being too ridiculous to be plausible. However, lately, many top-secret files within this agency are being declassified and brought to light, proving that these aren’t just some conspiracies. These files aren’t the only data that may or may not act as evidence in the eyes of many, but also ex-CIA agents are starting to speak up about the past and journalists are becoming more “courageous”.

The MK Ultra project was America’s secret weapon with the ambitious goal of creating “super soldiers” or the ability to control enemy soldiers. During the 1920s-1950s, a lot of research was conducted on human behavior, which gave extraordinary results that are still used today in academic psychology. These results were so promising that the psychopathic minds within the CIA at the time thought of how they could use their vast understanding of human behavior to actually control someone’s mind.

Mind control

The CIA wanted to take it even further and create another mind within a person, sort of another consciousness that would obey each and every order with content. It is said that all of these secret experiments were actually conducted at a location today known as Fort Dedrick, a modern laboratory around eighty miles from Washington. These experiments took place between the 1950s and the 1960s, however, there are rumors that there have been more projects with the incline of mind control over the years.

Inside the “abandoned” military labs at Fort Dedrick (Source: Politico)

This location was chosen due to its remote location, making it a very good place for CIA actions. To this day, Fort Dedrick is still controlled by the US military and, with that said, most probably also controlled by the CIA, even if not used anymore (as far as public knowledge goes). This used to be a massive complex made up of over 600 different buildings. It has been said that this location was the epicenter of CIA secret projects during the Cold War.

People, or better-said subjects, were brought from all over America. The declassified files state that all of the people that took part (were forced) in the different mind control experiments were prisoners as they were seen as the lowest within the American social class by the CIA. It is also stated that some of the subjects used for the experiment were of European or Asian ethnicity, CIA prisoners who have gone against the CIA.

Prisoners force-fed drugs

One of such very specific experiments that went towards controlling the mind of another person was the use of drugs to make the mind less resilient to mind control, therefore easier to dominate. The experiment that I am referring to took place in 1954, when seven prisoners from Kentucky’s maximum-security penitentiary were isolated and forcefully given Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) for seventy-seven days in a row. Sadly, there is no information on what actually happened to the seven prisoners or what the results of this experiment were (if they actually achieved some sort of mind control).

Page from the original CIA file reporting MK Ultra mind Control Project (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Specialists that had taken a look at this experiment described that the human body would become used to the daily consumption of LSD to the point where the mind would become slowly separated from lucidity, making it easier to control a person, but not necessarily to gain full control of a person’s mind. Here we can also justify such experiments with a list showing the cost for this specific experiment. For those that are not familiar with declassified files, the bits that are scribbled out are done so to cover names or important information that may put the lives of certain people at risk.

As we can see from this piece of what I consider to be empirical evidence, most of these experiments performed on humans were classified as “medical research”. If you take a closer look at point five you will see that the scientists/medics that worked on this experiment knew “the purpose of the project”. The curious question to ask now is if their arm was twisted into doing so or if they were paid a hefty sum of money to experiment on human beings.

The mastermind behind human experiments

Allen Dulles (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

At the time, the man in charge of the CIA was Allen Dulles, who in 1951 hired many different scientists and medical researchers, among which was Sidney Gottlieb. It is assumed from the small pieces of information scattered all over the declassified CIA files that Dulles was the mastermind behind the wish of achieving mind control. One of the declassified files pages even specifies that a survey had been conducted through “Russian Literature about the studies of stimulating the mind with electricity”, indirectly stating that the Russians at the time were maybe trying to achieve the same goal.

Page from the original CIA file proposing to use electric stimuli for the MK Ultra experiments (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

We can only assume since most of these files have a coded language that can say one thing and mean something else or state something indirectly just in case the file does somehow make it out to the public.

It can also be argued that it wasn’t only Allen Dulles who had the idea of inventing “mind control” but also President John F. Kennedy (JFK) as they were quite close. I am more than assured that every file that was compiled by the CIA would go through the hands of JFK before proceeding forward with whatever action.

Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. in the early 1960s. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Gottlieb was also quite sickening as he found the experiments very interesting. He was intrigued by the idea of separating someone’s mind in order to replace it with another hypothetical one that can be controlled by whomever. Drugs were a good stimulus for the mind, but it was found that electricity would prove more efficient in trying to control someone. At the time, researchers had ample knowledge that most of our body is controlled by small shocks sent from our brains to particular nerves in order to create movement.

Constant electric stimulus

Sidney Gottlieb (Source: The New York Times)

Gottlieb knew that finding the perfect combination between the usage of drugs and stimulating the mind with electricity would bring some promising results toward mind control. It is also said that some of the subjects used in later experiments were from North Korea and they were given sedatives in combination with powerful electroshocks in order to displace their lucidity and replace it with certain commands.

Most of the drugs that were used in such experiments were created by Gottlieb and his team, meaning that many of these drugs were tested on people for the first time, some having fatal results. The page depicted above even states that they were thinking of surgically implementing permanent electrodes into the septum of people in order to send direct shocks from the base of the spinal cord toward all the motor sensors, with the intent to block any other command sent from the mind. However, the files also mentioned that this would be first tried on animals.

The MK Ultra project ended in 1960 when Allen Dulles retired from the role of Director of the CIA, however, Gottlieb never stopped working on new mind-enhancing drugs with the goal of reaching the ability to control someone’s mind. In 1970, President Richard Nixon asked the CIA to destroy all the biological toxins they had possession of. Gottlieb was against this as he had worked many years to assure a good stock of such biological toxins (drugs) for God knows what use. However, the new director of the CIA at the time (Richard Helms) didn’t give Gottlieb much of a choice, destroying most of the physical evidence that would have proven such experiments.

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