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he man responsible for one of the biggest genocide of the 20th century is seen by most people as a devil that had no fears or that they were at least hiding behind his psychotic mind. In his memories, he stated that his fears crumbled within the three years of prison he underwent.

Despite his evilness, a man who has been through the mud and blood brought by the Great War could argue that he had seen it all. That is why he openly said many times that he had no fears. This may have been true, or not, it is difficult to define from his character, but his Dentist Hugo Johannes Blaschke tells us a different story.

Hitler’s Dentist

Hugo Johannes Blaschke (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Hugo Johannes Blaschke was Hitler’s dentist for the last 20 years of his life as he would not trust any dentist due to his fear of dentists. Doctor Blanscheke mentions in his notes and in interviews taken after the end of World War Two that Hitler was very afraid of dentistry.

Everyone is a little scared of dentists, especially during childhood, but Hitler was scared for his life when he entered the dentist’s room. Sometimes it would take the dentist up to eight days just to take care of a dental abscess.

“Blaschke was extremely proud of his role of being the dentist of the Nazi leader, however, his patient did not share this feeling.” (Menevse Deprem-Hennen)

Hitler’s fear

The Nazi leader would even cry before any dental surgery would take place as mentioned in his dentist’s records. On the days when he would have a dental procedure going on, he would not show his face in public as this would have ruined his image as well as the ideology he tried to create within Germany by having the Aryan race look “perfect”.

His medical records, at least the ones that have been found, specifically about any dental procedure, speculate that his dental filling was made from the gold teeth taken from the Jews that had been gassed in concentration camps.

However, at this point, Hitler would have probably made people write things on his medical records just to hide this fear that he had. The idea of not having any fear was a major factor when it came to supporting his own racist ideology. In this case, referring to the Aryan race as not having any fears, nor feeling that much pain.

These points and more are supported in Menevse Deprem-Hennen’s book Dentist Des Teufels in which the author described the relationship between Hitler and Blaschke.

Adolf Hitler Meeting Soldiers (Source Wikimedia Commons)

Another interesting point about Hitler’s dental medical records is the fact that these came in very handy in identifying Hitler’s body by his dentures, thus confirming that he had died in Berlin and didn’t escape to other parts of the world as some historians assume.

This fear stayed only between Hitler and Blaschke as far as the medical records state, that is why Hitler was in need to have a good relationship with such people as they had the ability to ruin him and his empire to some extent.

As a life lesson, we all have some sort of fear, but we may be afraid to show it as those who want our harm can exploit it.

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