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or longer than 500 years, the Victors of war who invaded and conquered the Americas, Africa, India, and other smaller nations, wrote a history where the indigenous people had no role but that of primitive savages who needed their superior religion and through it their superior wisdom, and thus had very limited rights – or none and were enslaved.  They did not invent those religions or slavery habits, but they adopted them, perfected them, and used them in their favor to build power, wealth, and privileges. 

And yes – over the years, they enabled this way to create – freedoms and values – that then built our western civilization, with the Americas United States with our constitutional Republic based on the best constitution ever written by any human – since the first Vedic Civilization on the Eden/Atlantis islands 18,000 to 13,000 years ago that then the Antarctic Cold Reversal destroyed in a massive flood that would result in all religions and evolutionary and other steps mentioned above.

Today the iGEN generation (born 1995 to 2010) who never lived without the revolutionary ways of globally uniting them around issues through instant communication, for better and worse, have told us that one thing that they all agree about is the universal racial inclusion, of all human beings around the world, from China, North Korea, Myanmar, and Asia, to Iran, Yemen, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Europe, Latin America and these our United States.

One way to go about that is now to start first listening to those who were disenfranchised, like Finland did in 1906-7 when as first full suffrage was awarded to women, and like Canada recently did in 2017, listening to their Heiltsuk Nation indigenous people, investing in history research through archeology out on Triquet Island – solely based on their “folklore” – which revealed the truth when the 14,000-year-old – and oldest to date discovered – true civilization was dated after discovered.

Yet, still today, the incumbency of the historians of old still cling to theories once created when their direction came intentionally from the Victors with who they worked. 

We shall exemplify here with an old example what we need to do to open up our scientific minds, both in how we pursue as well as interpret, without a preset biased mind, our common pursuit of true history.

In 1970, after a first failed attempt earlier with RA I, a similar vessel, was built from Ethiopian papyrus by Bolivian citizens Demetrio, Juan and José Limachi of Lake Titicaca, and likewise set sail across the Atlantic from Morocco, this time with great success. 

The crew was mostly the same, though Kei Ohara from Japan and Madani Ait Ouhanni from Morocco had replaced Djibrine. 

The boat became lost and was the subject of a United Nations search and rescue mission. The search included international assistance, including people as far afield as Loo-Chi Hu of New Zealand. 

The boat reached Barbados, thus demonstrating that mariners could have dealt with trans-Atlantic voyages by sailing with the Canary Current. The Ra II is now in the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Yet over the past 50 years, there have been no attempts to explore if Africans – where we all agree Homo Sapiens evolved – in the times when Aethiopian Ocean was the name of the current Atlantic Ocean – (named by the Greeks who themselves by genome clearly are derived as people from Aethiopia) – and Africa (also re-named by Greeks and Roman) that was then named also Aethiopia – ever crossed their ocean from their continent to South America, that once very very long ago was the same continent, before drifting apart.

Instead of clinging to the theory – that only across the Beringer Straight land connection to North America from where then much later to South America, Homo Sapiens migrated to populate this presumed frozen area until the Antarctic Cold Reversal Climate Change occurred.

We have already shown and validated that Homo Sapiens, 60,000 years ago, leaving Africa out of Aethiopia, reaching above the Arctic Circle to the later named Ultima Thule Island, kept habitable by warm extension currents of the Gulf Stream, where in today Karelia Region of Finland, they became the first to obtain through highly nutritious and protein-rich food, as first cognitive skills of speech – and we ask could not something similar have taken place in South America at a such early time?

How long did we not hear that Vikings had not reached North America before Columbus or that the Chinese never made it to California in 1421, or that Aethiopian Homo Sapiens were not older than 90,000 years until we acknowledged they were more than 200,000, maybe even 300,000?

 Latin America Across the Aethiopian Ocean

The Incumbency of Historians with their “mainstream view” of the peopling of the Americas, also known as the short chronology theory, is that the first movement beyond Alaska into the New World occurred no earlier than 15,000 – 17,000 years ago, followed by successive waves of immigrants. Pedra Furada provides potential evidence for the proponents of the long chronology theory, which states that the first group of people entered the hemisphere at a much earlier date, possibly 21,000–40,000 years ago, with then a much later mass secondary wave of incoming immigrants, like also happened in China, caused by that Antarctic Cold Reversal Major Climate Change, which 13,000 years ago destroyed the First Vedic Civilization, sank Doggerland making Britain lose its land connection and we called “the change of the guards”.

Discoveries at other sites, such as Monte Verde, Chile, dated to 12,800 years BCE Piedra Museo in the Argentinian province of Santa Cruz, dated 9, 000 years BCE Topper in the state of South Carolina, U.S.A. dated 14,000–18,000 years BCE, and the Meadowcroft Rockshelter located near Avella in Washington County in southwestern Pennsylvania, United States, dated to 14,000 years BCE have also raised doubts about the “Clovis First” theory. 

As a result, scholars have proposed alternate scenarios for the routes of colonization and the diffusion of culture through the continents in a heated dispute that has not been resolved because Incumbency Historians, like with the Wolter Scott authenticated Kensington Rune Stone, block and demeaned simply because accepting new discoveries make them admit they were wrong before.

Thomas Alva Edison became successful because he found almost 100 patented ways to not create electricity before he found one way how to do it (and Nikolas Tesla probably even more ways).

But before they are proven gradually wrong, we certainly all acknowledge that the South American continent continues to be home to indigenous peoples, some of whom built high civilizations prior to the arrival of Europeans in the late 1400s and early 1500s. 

South America has a history that has a wide range of human cultures and forms of civilization. The Norte Chico civilization in Peru is the oldest civilization in the Americas, proven today, and one of the first six independent civilizations in the world.

It was totally contemporaneous with the Egyptian pyramids, as presented as the oldest today until the Sudan project proves they have 2.000 years older and many more pyramids than the Egyptians ever did – simply because they were part of the Aethiopian civilization that started the Nile River Pharaonic civilization much earlier and when the Sahara was less of a desert than the past 7,000 years.

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